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CSHP Virtual Posters Explore our Virtual Posters from PPC 2016!

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Compounding Webinars
A webinar series which addresses a variety
of topics related to aseptic compounding

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Liability/Malpractice Insurance

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CSHP Board:
Apply to be the National Student Delegate (2017-2019 term) on the CSHP Board.
Application deadline is April 2, 2017

CSHP Employment Opportunity:
CSHP is seeking a
Professional Affairs Associate. Application deadline is April 12, 2017

About Us: Take a look at CSHP's Key Strategic areas and the CSHP Strategic Plan 2018

About Us: check out CSHP's Mission, Vision 2018 and Values.

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Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM) 2017 March is Pharmacy Awareness Month. Follow us on social media as we celebrate #PAM2017

Excellence in Hopital Pharmacy: Learn about our new engaging initiative focusing towards excellence and innovation in patient care

New Official Publication: Pharmacy Practice in Hospitals and Other Collaborative Healthcare Settings: Position Statements (2016)

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Professional Liability / Malpractice Insurance
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