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About Us

History of CSHP

Date Milestone
  • Northern Alberta Hospital Pharmacists Association (NAHPA) established in Edmonton, active until 1941.
  • Nova Scotia Unit of Hospital Pharmacists established.
  • Monthly column on hospital pharmacy, by NAHPA, in Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal, continued for one year.
  • Nova Scotia Unit Bylaws and Constitution approved.
  • First meeting of the nucleus of CSHP held in Toronto, 17 attended.
  • CSHP Constitution and Bylaws written.
  • Ontario Branch established.
  • First issue of The Hospital Pharmacist published in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Establishment of the Maritime and British Columbia Branches.
  • CSHP incorporated by Letters Patent, Charter granted.
  • Establishment of the Alberta and Quebec Branches.
  • Establishment of the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Branches.
  • 236 CSHP members.
  • Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy moves to University of Saskatchewan, J.L. Summers, Editor.
  • Residency Board established at Vancouver meeting of CPhA as the Board of Approval of Hospitals for Hospital Pharmacy Residency Programs in Canada.
  • Residency Board name becomes Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Residency Board.
  • 440 CSHP members.
  • Permanent office for CSHP established at Canadian Pharmaceutical Association Building in Toronto.
  • Establishment of New Brunswick Branch.
  • Part-time Executive Secretary hired with clerical support.
  • Establishment of Awards Program.
  • Fellowship Program established.
  • Executive Secretary becomes Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Atlantic Provinces Branch becomes Nova Scotia Branch as Newfoundland sought (unsuccessfully) Branch status.
  • First Mid Year Clinical meeting which later became.
  • Executive Secretary-Treasurer's position becomes full-time.
  • National drug distribution seminars.
  • Health and Welfare Canada approves grant for Unit Dose Study.
  • Mid Year Clinical meeting becomes PPC - "Professional Practice Conference".
  • 568 CSHP members.
  • Executive Secretary-Treasurer becomes Executive Director.
  • Professional Practice Conference expands to full three days.
  • PPC attendance exceeds 300.
  • 1,090 CSHP members.
  • Administrative Assistant hired.
  • 1,435 CSHP members.
  • CSHP shares new office space at 123 Edward Street with Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada and Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy.
  • PPC exceeds 500
  • Full-time secretarial assistance hired.
  • First CSHP annual meeting held separate from CPhA, in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • CJHP moves to CSHP office in Toronto.
  • Second full-time clerical assistant hired.
  • Workload Measurement Summary Study published.
  • 1,708 members, PPC attendance 700.
  • Full-time Publications Coordinator hired.
  • 1,930 members.
  • Director of Publications and Staff Accountant hired.
  • First five-day PPC.
  • Revised CSHP Mission and Goals.
  • PPC attendance 965.
  • 1,936 members.
  • New Strategic Planning Process established.
  • Residency Board begins on-site surveys.
  • New Executive Director appointed.
  • Established the CSHP Research & Education Foundation.
  • 1,957 members (recorded as of December 31, 1988).
  • PPC reaches attendance of 1,000.
  • Translation services in office.
  • Office computer system converted.
  • Approval of revised Bylaws.
  • New membership definition approved.
  • Decision to move Office to Ottawa.
  • 1,874 members (as of September 1 - mid-year mark).
  • Preparation of major discussion papers on Clinical Pharmacy Services, and Unit Dose/IV Additive Drug Distribution Systems.
  • PPC attendance is highest ever at 1,086 attendees.
  • 1,873 members as of March 31.
  • 2,056 members as of March 31.
  • Revised Standards, Guidelines, Statements published, in bound form, May 91.
  • National Office moves to Ottawa April 91.
  • CSHP Research & Education Foundation receives charitable status.
  • $200,000 research grant approved to study effectiveness of clinical pharmacy services.
  • 10 new task forces address current issues.
  • CCHFA standards formally recognize CSHP Standards, & include pharmacy Patient Care standard.
  • Pharmacy Awareness Week initiated, first full week of November.
  • PPC attendance 1,106.
  • PPC moves to expanded facilities, attendance of 1,089 and luncheon format Awards Ceremonies implemented.
  • EOB goes to twice monthly publication.
  • Video release A Day in the Life of a Hospital Pharmacist.
  • CSHP takes leadership role in developing national guidelines for sterile products compounding.
  • Research and Education Foundation awards first two grants.
  • Discussions initiated for conversion of BC Branch Bulletin Board Service to a National BBS.
  • Member communication improved with implementation of President's Letter and addition of CSHP Booth at Exhibits.
  • First 5-year review of the Strategic Plan completed by Council.
  • Benefits of relocation to Ottawa realized with significant, successful increase in external liaison activities.
  • Membership reaches 2,113.
  • Regular update of Standards, Guidelines and Statements with three supplements now published to May 1991 document.
  • Second annual Pharmacy Awareness Week becomes truly national, a CSHP/CPhA initiative.
  • BC Branch bulletin board becomes Pharmascope BBS with 1-800 service offered on pilot basis.
  • Pharmaceutical Care endorsed and CSHP Statement on PC approved.
  • Guidelines for preparation of sterile products approved and CSHP commended by HPB for its leadership role in this regard.
  • Discussions begin with hospital pharmacists in Newfoundland regarding establishment of a Branch in that province.
  • PPC attendance of 1,062.  Shared registration availability reinstituted at AGM and PPC.
  • CSHP asked to provide a member on Senior Management Review Committee overseeing Drugs Directorate Renewal Process.
  • Membership reaches 2,310.
  • Approval for continuation of two Council meetings per year.
  • Completion of first members' needs survey and establishment of Vision '97.
  • Active participation with National Pharmaceutical Strategy on discussion of a national formulary, and a national strategy for pharmaceuticals.
  • First annual printing of CSHP Official Publications.  Released simultaneously in French and English.
  • Presentation to CEO's of provincial hospital associations on Drug Use Management. Continued active participation on Drugs Directorate Senior Management Review Committee.
  • Approval of CSHP member on Board of Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs.
  • Preparation for participation in National Health Forum.
  • Reorganization of human resources at National Office to better meet member needs.
  • Trial of new Executive structure to provide more consistency in function at this level.
  • Outline for a curriculum to educate members in a direct patient care role was developed and approved.  Further development of the curriculum will continue.
  • Membership reaches 2,466 as of March 31, 2004.
  • Significant components of the 1995 Professional Practice Conference and the 1995 Annual General Meeting were dedicated to various aspects of provision of pharmaceutical care.
  • Interactive workshops related to the direct patient care role were incorporated into national education programs.
  • Task Force established to review the mechanisms for providing education to members, including format, accessibility, and financial impact.
  • Membership split fee schedule implemented
  • Newfoundland Branch established
  • Webpage on the Internet developed
  • Personal Practice Inventory developed
  • CSHP signs partnership agreement with Association des établisements de santé du Québec
  • Reciprocal agreement signed with Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians
  • Direct Patient Care Curriculum is published in English and French
  • Establishment of Vision 2000
  • CSHP celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • Annual CSHP / CAPSI poster competition launched
  • Residency Mentorship project launched  at 1998 AGM
  • Seamless Care workshop held and very successful
  • CJHP redesigns its cover
  • Task Force struck to investigate National Medication Error Reporting System
  • Pharmacy Specialty Networks launched with list serve capability on CSHP Website
  • Public Relations Fact Sheets published                                 
  • Official formation of Canadian Coalition on Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention (CCMIRP).  CSHP and Health Canada – Therapeutic Products Directorate initiated concept and invited all relevant stakeholders.
  • CSHP representative appointed to National Steering Committee on Patient Safety, led by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, for the purpose of developing a national, collaborative, multidisciplinary strategy for improving patient safety.
  • Membership survey conducted and results tabulated
  • CSHP representative appointed to Occupational Study of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians headed by Human Resources Development Canada.  Study subsequently renamed: “Pharmacy Human Resources in Canada – a Sector Study of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians”.
  • Role and value of pharmacist paper submitted to Romanow Commission by Government Health Policy and Planning Committee
  • First tri-partite meeting of MAHP/ASHP/CSHP representatives in Bethesda, MD.
  • Membership reaches 2,207.
  • New strategic plan developed with renewed Mission/Vision/Values.
  • Governance review report received and implemented.
  • National residency matching (RMS) process implemented.
  • New Executive Director hired.
  • CSHP has started to deliver the EOB in a new electronic format.
  • The Professional Standards for Hospital Pharmacy Practice published and released in February 2003.
  • AGM reaches 296 participants
  • CSHP responds to CIHI/CIHR Patient Safety Study, pharmacare advocacy and medication incident in Calgary.
  • New enhanced website launched.
  • Tri-partite meeting with MAHP/ASHP/CSHP in Edmonton.
  • Signing of North American Compact Agreement with ASHP and MAHP.
  • PPC attendance at 1,176 participants. PPC held at the Sheraton Centre.
  • Membership skyrockets at 2,304 members.
  • Pharmacy Specialty Networks excel at 16 groups.
  • CSHP purchases new office condominium.
  • New Hospital Pharmacy Practitioner Award launched.
  • EOB goes electronic.
  • CSHP purchases commercial condominium at 30 Concourse Gate, Unit #3, in Ottawa and moves into new premises.
  • CAPSI collaboration implemented, with a four-part approach: hiring a pharmacy student to work at CSHP National for the summer, giving DPCC Modules on CD to 2nd-year pharmacy students, a student symposium given to 2nd-year students to promote hospital pharmacy awareness, and a Hospital Pharmacy Student Award.
  • First Summer Pharmacy Student Intern hired Summer of 2005.
  • Tri-partite meeting with MAHP/ASHP/CSHP in Mexico.
  • AGM attendance hits the 400 mark (410 participants)
  • CSHP continues to work with ASHP. Agreement signed - all CSHP members can purchase ASHP publications at the member rate.
  • All award submissions now completed online.
  • Hiring of a new Coordinator of Professional and Membership Affairs, the first time a second pharmacist has been employed by CSHP.
  • Hospital Corporate Membership category introduced
  • CSHP 2015 launched
  • New Prince Edward Island Branch Formed
  • Confirmed for Blue Print for Pharmacy: Vision of Pharmacy and committed to work collaboratively to achieve its implementation plan.
  • Launch of CJHP Online
  • Launch of CSHP’s Advancing in Medication Management eLearning Platform
  • Launch of CSHP’s Association Management System
  • New Student Year Change - January to December
  • New revised Bylaws and Articles of Continuance  approved by members at AGM August 2013
  • Certificate of Continuance issued under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act
  • Publications of revised Compounding Guidelines
  • eBulletin on WordPress Platform
  • Centralized Branch Accounting
  • Sun-setting of Summer Educational Sessions (SES)
  • Launch of Compounding webinars
  • CSHP 2015 Initiative comes to an end
  • Launch of Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Initiative

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