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About Us

CSHP Overview

National Level

The Society exists for and is composed of its members. Membership activity is concentrated at the Branch level with the members' line of communication to the national organization operating through the Branch on major policy matters. Individual members may contact the national office at any time with regard to individual member issues.

Branch Level

The Branches function at a provincial level, in much the same manner as the Society does nationally. This includes representing member interests with related provincial health care organizations and the provincial government and provision of continuing education at the Branch and Chapter levels. Branches engage in activities consistent with the Mission, Bylaws and policies of the Society. While working within this framework, the Branches function autonomously with regard to specific or individual activities and programs.

CSHP Board

The Board is the policy making body for the organization and consists of delegates from each branch, a student delegate andthe Executive Committee.. The Board relies on input from committees, task forces, representatives and other key players for data to make policy decisions. The Branch Delegate position is key to ensuring concerns, suggestions, and questions from branch membership are appropriately conveyed to the Board. The Delegate is also key to ensuring information flows back to the Branch and the general member.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer and Executive Director. Executive reports to the Board and manages, operates and governs the Society.

Committees and Task Forces

Advisory Committees are formed to recommend programs and policies to the Board. These committees form the foundation of the Society and are generally ongoing or permanent. To respond to the changing needs of the profession, task forces are formed to deal with specific issues. Whereas committees are permanent, task forces are dissolved once their work is complete.


The Society appoints representatives to other pharmacy and related health care organizations to ensure a close working relationship with these groups. In some cases these are permanent positions and in others they are time limited, dealing with a specific issue.

National Office

The national office is located in Ottawa. The staff is comprised of eleven full-time and three part-time employees. The office is responsible for conducting the business and affairs of CSHP. It is an information-resource center and provides continuity for the business of the Society. It serves as a liaison with other associations and government and is responsible for organizing and coordinating (National) Society meetings, activities and programs. Office staff do not set policy, but act as administrators of policy as established by the Board and/or the Executive Committee.

Additional Responsibilities

Details of the Society's role with regard to the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board, Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, Fellows Program, Research and Education Foundation are available on request from the national office.