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Pharmacy Awareness Month 2016

March 1, 2016 - March 31, 2016

Your Hospital Pharmacy Team: Your Trusted Medication Experts:

March 2016 is Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM). During this time, pharmacists promote their role to other health care professionals and patients within hospitals and related health care settings. Pharmacists and pharmacist students can use this time to educate people about the variety of valuable services pharmacists provide. Promotional materials such as posters, educational leaflets and resource manuals help members in planning for Pharmacy Awareness events.

Pharmacies have the flexibility of selecting the time period in March that works best for them. For example, some organizations may plan events throughout the whole month, a week or two, or even once a twice during the month.

The theme of the 2016 event, " Your Hospital Pharmacy Team: Your Trusted Medication Experts” was developed by the PAM 2016 Working Group to reflect the integral role that the entire pharmacy plays in medication management. It aligns with work undertaken by CSHP to communicate the role pharmacists can play in health care as well as highlight the unified efforts of all members of a pharmacy team.

Let’s celebrate and promote pharmacy!

A sampling of key messages to use:

Making a difference as your medication experts

The hospital pharmacy team are your medication experts that evaluate the patient medication needs, effectiveness and safety on the basis of patient-specific information and evidence based assessment of treatments.

Making a difference as an integral part of your health care team

The pharmacy team works in close collaboration with the other health care professionals in the hospital to ensure the most appropriate care is provided to patients. Pharmacists empower their patients by highlighting the importance of taking charge of their health. The pharmacy team maximizes patient compliance, thereby reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and saving millions on healthcare spending.

Making a difference by providing patient-centered care  

Your hospital pharmacy team provides care that respects your preferences, needs and values. Your hospital pharmacy team partners with you to ensure you have medication information that is based on the best quality evidence to achieve your healthcare goals.  Through medication therapy management, the pharmacy team empowers patients to be involved in their own care!

Making a difference by providing a variety of health care services   

Beyond managing patients’ current and new medications, your pharmacy team also ensures that patients are well informed on how to use and care for their new medication devices, create personalized care plans, help them understand their medication options and enable them to make decisions regarding their health!

Please click here to download the Key Messages Flyer.

Connect with CSHP during PAM

Using the four key points above, start conversations and talk about what being a pharmacist means to you on Facebook and Twitter!

Look for CSHP on social media, where we will also being sharing tweets and posts from CSHP members. You can direct your posts to the CSHP Facebook page by including the phrase “@Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists” in your post. When you tweet, use the following hashtag: #PAM2016 — and don’t forget to Tweet to us @CSHP_SCPH!

CSHP on Facebook

CSHP on Twitter


Pharmacy Awareness Resources

Need help getting started?

Pharmacy Awareness Brochure

Pharmacy Awareness Flyer (2016)

Pharmacy Awareness Posters

CSHP has developed resources to help promote hospital pharmacy services! We have 3 posters which are designed for use at any time during the year. This year, our collection of Pharmacy Awareness materials has grown, with the addition of a new brochure created with the patient in mind. (The brochure should also be helpful when meeting with policy makers and administrators to help them understand the role of a hospital pharmacist.)

Pharmacy Awareness Poster 1 Pharmacy Awareness Poster 2 Pharmacy Awareness Poster 3

You may download the posters and brochure and arrange to have them printed locally. You may download the posters and brochure and arrange to have them printed locally. Click here to download the posters in French: Poster 1, Poster 2, Poster 3.

Unable to print?

Alternatively you may order the posters and brochure (and other CSHP products and publications) please use the CSHP Products & Publications Order Form.


CSHP Video - The Value of Hospital Pharmacists

To access a downloadable copy of the video click here. Video is downloaded from CSHP's Vimeo channel.

Please note that some hospitals may block Vimeo access. In this case you can view the video The Value of Hospital Pharmacists on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loiVkP65uuI


More Resources

  1. Check out the British Columbia Branch’s website for more resources!
  2. More information about Pharmacist Awareness Month and the Blueprint for Pharmacy can be found at http://blueprintforpharmacy.ca/home.
  3. Also you can visit the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS) webpage at https://pans.ns.ca/2014/02/pharmcist-awareness-month-2014-7443/


On an international front, check out the I am a Pharmacist project of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). This project is designed to create more pride, solidarity and awareness around the profession of pharmacy.


How Pharmacy Awareness came about...

1989 The Ontario Branch of CSHP recommended to CSHP's national Council the notion of having a pharmacy awareness week (PAW). The idea originally focused on hospital pharmacy, with the designation “Hospital Pharmacy Awareness Week” but was renamed to encompass the entire profession.
1990 CSHP Executive designated the first week of November each year PAW.
1991 The first national PAW was held.
1993 The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (now the Canadian Pharmacists Association) and the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI) joined the partnership, making PAW a three-organization national pharmacy event.
1998 PAW moved from the first week of November to the first week of March.
2013 March becomes Pharmacy Awareness Month.
Pharmacy Awareness Week is March 3-9.
2014 Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM).