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Payment Methods and Fees Categories

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Credit Card - Payments are accepted from Visa, Mastercard, and Amex accounts only.
  • Cheque - Cheques should be made payable to the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists. Cheques may be post-dated to July 1 of each year.
  • Split Payment Plan - (CHEQUE ONLY + $20 ADMINISTRATION FEE) - Member and Supporter dues (excluding Student Supporter and Member-In-Training fees) must be paid in two equal installments, the first payable upon joining/renewing and the second provided as a post-dated cheque, dated  on/before November 1 of each year. No other method of payment will be accepted for split payment. A separate receipt will be issued after each payment is processed. A $20 administration fee applies, which should be divided equally between the two cheques. To pay in two installments, please return the printable membership or supporter form by mail with your two cheques.

Electronic Receipts

Payment receipts are now being sent electronically to the email address in your profile. If you wish to receive a CSHP ‘membership card,’ we would be happy to issue a hardcopy receipt.

Your fees may be tax-deductible! 

For details, please visit these links on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website:

Fee Categories

Category Fee
Member $346.50 + branch fee + tax
Individuals with a professional degree in pharmacy who support the mission of CSHP and who have paid membership fees.
Honorary Member  no fee applicable
Members who have been elected by unanimous vote of the Board in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the advancement of hospital pharmacy or a related healthcare field. The status of Honorary Member shall be granted for life and shall be exempt from payment of membership fees. For details, please visit our Honorary Member web page.
Supporter  $346.50 + branch fee + tax
Individuals (non-pharmacists), corporations or organizations who support the mission, vision and values of CSHP and paid the required fees.
Student Supporter  $56 + branch fee + tax
Pharmacy students who are enrolled in a first professional degree in pharmacy program and paid the required fees. A copy of a valid student card is required.

Discounted Rates

Category Fee
New Member/Supporter (Year 1)  $173.25 + branch fee + tax
Members or Supporters who are joining CSHP for the first time. This discount also applies to those purchasing a new membership or those renewing previously held Student Supporter or Member-In-Training memberships. Those who qualify receive a 50% discount on their fees.
New Member/Supporter (Year 2)  $260 + branch fee + tax
Individuals who are renewing for a second year, after having paid the New Member (Year 1) rate the previous year. Those who qualify receive a 25% discount on their fees.
Member-In-Training $94.50 + branch fee + tax
Members who are enrolled in full or part-time postgraduate programs including pharmacy residents, PharmD students and persons enrolled in a fellowship. Verification of enrollment is required, such as a letter of acceptance or a valid student card.
Pharmacy Technician  $173.25 + branch fee + tax
Supporters who are pharmacy technicians.
Joint  $283.50 + branch fee + tax (per person rate)
Two Members living at the same residential address.
Retired $173.25 + branch fee + tax
Members who are retired. 
Leave of Absence  $178.50 + branch fee + tax
Members who are on sabbatical, sick leave or maternity/parental leave for a period of at least six months. Qualifying members receive full benefits during the year. If leave begins in the middle of a membership year, a member may defer the LOA rate to the next membership year. Members may only take advantage of this discount three times.

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Branch Connection

Every Member, Supporter (individual), and Student Supporter, with the exception of those residing outside Canada, must be connected with a branch and pay the applicable branch fee. Individuals living outside Canada who wish to be connected to a branch must pay the applicable branch fee.

Did Someone Encourage You to Join CSHP?

If so, provide their name on the ‘referral’ line in your application, and we will send them a coupon! Those who make a referral receive $10 for encouraging members and supporters to join and $5 for referring pharmacy residents and students. Coupons can be used for publications, continuing education programs or membership/supporter fees.


Contact Us:

Membership Services
Telephone: 613-736-9733 Ext. 222
Email: membershipservices@cshp.ca