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Welcome to CSHP!

We are proud to be the professional association for pharmacists who practice in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings in Canada.

Our mission is to support our members through advocacy, education, information sharing, promotion of best practices, facilitation of research and recognition of excellence.

If you are committed to advancing the profession of hospital pharmacy, the best way to stay connected is by joining us.

Why join CSHP?

Help us represent you as we advocate for hospital pharmacists and safe, effective patient care in Canada.

Connect with a community of more than 2,500 hospital pharmacists, both in person at educational events and online via our Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSNs).

Learn about current issues in hospital pharmacy practice and the pharmacy research realm with subscriptions to the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP) and CSHP e-NewsBrief.

Find the supports you need to optimize your practice: continuing education at seminars and conferences, research grants and professional awards, residency training, discounted liability insurance, and professional resources within our Official Publications.

CSHP currently offers the following categories:

  • Members are individuals with a professional degree in pharmacy who support the mission of CSHP and who have paid membership fees.
  • Student Supporters are pharmacist students who are enrolled in a first professional degree in a pharmacy program and pay the required fees.
  • Individual Supporters are individuals who are not eligible to be Members or Student Supporters, but who support the mission, vision and values of CSHP and pay the required fees.
  • Hospital or Industry Corporate Supporters are corporations or organizations who support the mission, vision and values of CSHP and pay the required fees.

Join us today!

To learn more, please click on the appropriate box below:

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For more information about CSHP member benefits, please contact the Membership Administrator at CSHP National Office

Telephone: 613-736-9733 Ext. 222
Fax: 613-736-5660
Email: membershipservices@cshp.ca