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Helping you excel and innovate in collaborative patient care!

As a member of CSHP, you connect with not only a strong professional association, but also a dynamic and growing network of hospital pharmacy colleagues. Help instill fresh energy into your national association for expanding and improving programs and services.

The CSHP membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Our spring recruitment campaign begins in April.

Renewal / New Application

The online renewal system and membership application have been disabled while we update the 2017-18 membership information.

For more information about membership, contact Membership Services at 613-736-9733, ext. 222 or membershipservces@cshp.ca.

Professional liability/malpractice insurance can also be acquired at the time of membership purchase.

CSHP membership fees exclude professional liability/malpractice insurance. For an additional fee, CSHP offers competitively-priced insurance packages for pharmacists and students (including postgraduate students and pharmacy residents). The insurance policy term runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. For more information, please visit our insurance page

Download the Renewal Mailing – Hardcopy Package Request Form.

Please ensure your Adobe Reader is up to date. You can download the latest version here.

Here are some of the benefits included with your membership:


Be heard by elected officials, senior public servants, chief executives of hospitals and regional health systems, and healthcare and pharmacy stakeholder organizations across Canada. CSHP leads advocacy campaigns on your behalf to advance hospital pharmacy practice.

Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSNs)

Connect with pharmacists who share similar areas of interest, practice, education, research and/or management. CSHP offers groups for many areas of practice, such as cardiology, infectious diseases, paediatrics, and primary care.

Continuing Education

Be informed about the very latest information on therapeutic trends and practice developments at CSHP’s  annual educational programs: the Professional Practice Conference (PPC) and the Banff Seminar.

Professional Liability/Malpractice Insurance

Enjoy preferred premiums when you purchase liability/malpractice insurance through CSHP. Our insurance is competitively-priced and compliant with pharmacy regulatory authorities.

Did Someone Encourage You to Join CSHP?

If so, provide their name on the ‘referral’ line in your application, and we will send them a coupon credit! Those who make a referral receive $10 for encouraging members and supporters to join and $5 for referring pharmacy residents and students. Coupons can be used for publications, continuing education programs or membership fees.

Click these boxes below for more information about your member benefits:

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Contact Us

Membership Services
(613) 736-9733, ext. 222