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Pharmacy Procedures for Sterile Product Preparation: Video 3: Antineoplastic Agents Video & User Guide

The video is part of a series entitled Pharmacy Procedures for Sterile Product Preparation, designed to help healthcare workers and professionals master the technique of preparing sterile products in the pharmacy. This video has been created with the collaboration of the Association des pharmaciens des établissements de santé du Québec, the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, and Fierbourg, centre de formation professionnelle.

Pharmacy Procedures for Sterile Product Preparation - Antineoplastic Agents is for pharmacy staff who prepare oncology products. The drugs used to fight cancer are toxic products called antineoplastics. It is important to remember that antineoplastics are cytotoxic agents. An agent is considered cyctotoxic if it is potentially mutagenic, oncogenic or teratogenic. It is therefore critical that anyone who handles these drugs be adequately protected and use safe procedures.

A 36 page user guide comes with this video.
: Those documents are not available for rental.
No special fees for Non-Profit-Making-Organisations.

Orders for the Sterile Product Preparation Videos must be odered directly through the CECOM website.


Pharmacy Procedures for Sterile Product Preparation Video 3: Antineoplastic Agents
Contents: 45-minute video with 36-page user guide
Item Number: V-514 (English) V-511 (français)
Cost: $160.00
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