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About Compounding Webinar Series

The Compounding Knowledge Mobilization Task Force invites CSHP members and supporters to experience a new webinar series which addresses a variety of topics related to aseptic compounding.

The webinars pack a lot of key information in about 30 minutes (some webinars will run for 60 minutes). All webinars are recorded and are available for viewing by CSHP members and individual supporters within 1 week of the live event.

Attendance is limited to 100 participants. CSHP members and individuals are encouraged to register early and as a group to avoid disappointment. Confirmation of CSHP membership is part of the registration process. Persons who are not members or individual supporters should not attempt to register.

Past Webinars

CSHP 2015 recorded webinars are now available.As a CSHP member or supporter you can view all previously recorded webinars. CSHP members and individual supporters will be required to login to view previous webinars.

The compounding webinars are made possible through a generous grant from Pfizer Injectables. The Compounding Knowledge Mobilization Task Force is solely responsible for the content. Pfizer has had no input or influence on the content of these presentations.