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Online Education

Immunization Competencies Education Program (ICEP)

Developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society in association with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada, the Immunization Competencies Education Program provides participants with an in depth review of the Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals, a national consensus on the education and training required by immunization providers.

Mirroring the reality of frontline providers, these 14 modules have been developed and reviewed by an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

The Immune System Vaccines
Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
Vaccine Development and Evaluation
The Types of Immunizing Agents and Their Composition
Population Health
Storage and Handling of Immunization Agents
Administration of Immunizing Agents
Adverse Events Following Immunization
Populations Requiring Special Considerations
The Canadian Immunization System
Immunization Issues
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Immunization
Modules adapted by:
  • Michael Boivin, BSc Phm
  • Susan Bowles, BSc Phm, PharmD, MSc
  • Danielle Grenier, MD
  • Alex Henteleff, BN, Med
Videos kindly provided by:
  • Upton Allen, MD, FRCPC, MBBS, FAAP
  • Maryanne Crockett, MD, MPH
  • Andrea Derban, BScN
  • Simon Dobson, MD
  • Joanne Embree, MD
  • Ian Gemmill, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCP(C)
  • Caroline Quach, MD, FRCPC, M. Sc.

Upon successful completion of this continuing education course, the health professional will be better able to:

  • Understand the importance of the key principles of the Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals when integrating immunization into their practice setting.
  • Counsel patients regarding many of the key immunization issues.
  • Increase the public's confidence in vaccines.
  • Promote safe and competent immunization practices.
  • Work collaboratively with other professionals to promote cooperation on important public health issues such as immunization.

The online component is free to CSHP members.

Here’s how to get started:

  • To access the Immunization Competencies Education Program (ICEP) at the discounted rate, please visit www.AdvancingPractice.com and click on the homepage ad. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and add the program to your cart.
  • Once on the shopping cart page, enter the coupon code
  • You can then proceed with checkout as though you are “purchasing” the program. Once purchased, a link to the program will appear on the homepage dashboard.

The online modules may be worked on at your own pace. Each module takes roughly one hour to complete. 

Applying to the College For Authorization to Inject

To apply to the provincial college for authorization to inject, pharmacists must successfully complete all online requirements and the accompanying live training session.

Province Title CCCEP File No.
All Provinces Immunization Competencies Education Program (all 14 modules) 1066-2013-787-I-P
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario Essential Competencies for Injection of Other Substances 1066-2012-580-I-P
Manitoba Manitoba Administration of Injections Training Program 1193-2013-853-I-P
Province How to access practical training
Ontario http://cpd.pharmacy.utoronto.ca/programs/injections.html
Manitoba Please call the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba at (204) 233-1411

Before applying to the College for authorization to inject, please check to ensure you understand and will meet all criteria (e.g. CPR etc.).

For questions, please email: contact_us@advancingpractice.com