2015–2016 Year-in-Review: Vision Portfolio

By: Chris Doody


By Lauza Saulnier

Strategic Plan 2015−2018

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) launched its new strategic plan in August 2015. The strategic plan 2015–2018 highlights the vision that CSHP aims to achieve in the next 3 years to have a thriving, progressive Society, leading and inspiring excellent pharmacy practice integral to patient-centred care in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings. The plan lays out the future direction of the organization, identifies the goals on which to focus, and outlines priorities for improvement.

Various tools, including a balanced scorecard, were developed to measure performance and to understand and recognize progress as it is being made in the coming years. Leaders across CSHP have been involved in “cascading” the strategic plan to the branches, affiliated boards, and committees, such that their objectives and actions are integrated within the corporate strategic priorities. The CSHP balanced scorecard 2015–2018, available at www.cshp.ca/aboutUs/strategicPlan_e.asp, highlights key performance indicators and the way progress towards achieving organizational goals is being measured.

As strategic management practices are adopted across the association, I look forward to partnering with each member, volunteer, and employee to enhance and sustain CSHP’s long-standing and highly valued services, to develop new strategic initiatives, and to realize our shared vision.

Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy Program  |  Program Coordinator: Laurie Mitchell

The past year marked the development of an infrastructure to support the Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy program, a single, engaging initiative that will focus members’ efforts on improving patient health outcomes. This initiative was initially referred to as the CARE (Clinical Advancement of RPh Excellence) project.

The project is our next stage of work to be undertaken after the highly successful CSHP 2015 initiative. Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy resides under the Pharmacists’ Practice area of the new strategic plan, though it will permeate other areas as well. The Excellence program will assist members in focusing their efforts on fostering excellence and innovation in patient care, and more broadly, on improving healthcare outcomes.

The first step involved the recruitment of a program coordinator, Laurie Mitchell, who has consultant experience in areas such as strategy planning, stakeholder relations, and public policy analysis. Laurie was hired on February 17, 2016.

Then followed a successful call for expressions of interest in membership on the Steering Committee of the Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy program. Fourteen members were recruited and include 10 pharmacists representing all CSHP branches and diverse practices as well as a pharmacy student supporter, a pharmacy technician supporter, a patient advocate and a representative of the Association des pharmaciens des établissement de santé du Québec (Québec hospital pharmacy association).

Monthly meetings of the Steering Committee began in April and members were first tasked with choosing a name and a logo for the Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy program. The rest of year 1 was characterized by idea generation for the development of the work plan for years 1 and 2, consisting of program activities, communication plans, and performance measures.

Pharmacy Specialty Network Coordinating Committee  |  Chair: Lauza Saulnier

The Pharmacy Specialty Network (PSN) Chairs remain a very active group of volunteers. In January 2016, the PSN Coordinating Committee endorsed a PSN 3-year project plan in support of the CSHP strategic goal “to have 50% of Members registered in at least one Pharmacy Specialty Network”. The results of the survey of PSN members and list of ideas generated during the PSN Coordinating Committee meetings served to identify priorities for each key deliverable in the PSN project plan.

This past year marked the successful implementation of two new PSNs for Clinical Practice Leaders and Oncology.

Educational Services Committee  |  Chair: Elaine Chong

Among its many objectives, the Educational Services Committee members continue to ensure that the program of the Professional Practice Conference (PPC) is balanced, incorporating topics on clinical therapeutics, innovative roles, education, research/program evaluation, leadership, and practice. In the ongoing effort to meet the needs of current pharmacy trainees, new graduates, and residents, sessions geared for this audience will be incorporated in the PPC 2017 program.

Given the success of facilitated poster sessions at PPC since 2011, all posters will be facilitated at PPC 2017 in close collaboration with the Research Committee.

Past and current members of the Educational Services Committee work in concert with the CSHP staff and Executive Officers to provide input on the strategic redesign of PPC and to develop educational programming that aligns with the proposed changes. These discussions build on ideas from previous think tank sessions held at PPC 2015 and PPC 2016.

Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP)  |  CSHP Representative: David Knoppert

CCCEP has developed a new website and revamped the format of its standards and guidelines for accreditation. Measures have been adopted to create more continuing education opportunities for Canada’s licensed pharmacy technicians. A memorandum of understanding was signed between CCCEP and the US Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.