2017 Fall Board Meeting Highlights

By: Julie Sobowale

2017 Fall Board Meeting Highlights

The CSHP Board gathered in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on September 28-30, 2017, for its Fall Board Meetings and CSHP Annual General Meeting.

Here are some highlights from the meetings:

National Opioid Crisis

CSHP has joined Health Canada, provincial ministries of health, health agencies, health professional regulatory authorities and voluntary associations, and others in publicly expressing its commitment to resolve the crisis. One of our major commitments is to advocate submission of a proposal to Health Canada for the designation of pharmacists under the New Classes of Practitioners Regulations with provincial/territorial licensing authorities and ministries of health, which would authorize pharmacists to prescribe and administer controlled substances.

The full list of CSHP’s commitments can be found at: https://www.cshp.ca/opioid-crisis

Executive Mentee Project

Arden Barry, CSHP Executive mentee in 2016–2017, presented the final report of his project to the Board. This project consisted in performing an environmental scan of CSHP’s awards programs at the national and branch levels. The Board has asked the national Awards Committee to further study Arden’s report.

Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

The Board approved funding to upload 10 years’ worth of tables of contents prior to 2002 to the archived issues of eCJHP.

Strategic Alliance between CSHP and A.P.E.S.

The Board approved a new strategic alliance with A.P.E.S., which will enhance the relationship between the two organizations and increase respective member benefits.

Key gains of the Alliance will be regular meetings between CSHP and A.P.E.S. executive officers, co-operation on advocacy issues that affect both organizations, and access for CSHP members to the same benefits as A.P.E.S. associate members.

Patrick Fitch
President and Internal Liaison