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Advocacy in Action: December 5

December 5, 2023

What's happened

November 22, Choosing Wisely Canada Consultation 

CSHP provided feedback on Choosing Wisely Canada’s clinical biochemistry recommendations which will ultimately be released in early 2024 by the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists.   

November 27, Drug Shortages Expert Review Panel

CPO Rita Dhami officially joined a panel of experts representing various pharmacy sectors that will be contributing to a CIHR-funded project. This collaborative initiative is led by the University of Toronto, Health Canada, and CADTH, with the goal of creating a systematic, adaptable, transparent, and regularly updated national list of at-risk medicines. 

November 30, Natural Health Products Consultation 

CSHP is providing ongoing feedback on the first round of new and updated natural health product monographs as part of the implementation of the new Natural Health Product (NHP) labelling initiative. This Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directoriate (NNHPD) led project is currently in its first round of consultations where CSHP is focused on accessing the accuracy, conciseness, and consistency of statements in their monographs. 

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages Meetings

CSHP is continuing to monitor these ongoing drug shortages:

  • Nov 16: Tier Assignment Committee –  Lidocaine/Bupivicaine (with and without Epinephrine)
  • Nov 22: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Shortages of Amoxicillin
  • Dec. 1: Multi-Stakeholder Call –  Lidocaine/Bupivicaine (with and without Epinephrine)

What's happening

December 5, Multilateral Meeting with Health Canada / Marketed Health Products Directorate

The CSHP Executive team, alongside our partners at A.P.E.S. and several other key stakeholders, will be participating in a multilateral meeting with Health Canada. This meeting will provide us with updates from the various divisions of Health Canada including the Marketed Health Products Branch, Pharmaceutical Drugs Directorate, and Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate.

December 15, Consultation Canadian Council of Accreditation for Pharmacy Programs – Pharmacy technicians    

CSHP was invited to consult and provide feedback on the Canadian Council of Accreditation for Pharmacy Programs’ first draft on their updated standards for pharmacy technicians programs.  

What's worth repeating

October, Health Canada consultation on the Handbook for healthcare professionals on biosimilar biologic drugs

Professional Practice Specialist Kiet-Nghi Cao joined a working group of subject matter consultants from across the country to help with the development of a Health Canada handbook focused on informing and educating healthcare professionals on biosimilars. The guidelines will provide background on the immunogenicity of biosimilars, details on authorization, accessibility, and monitoring of them, and includes example case studies. This handbook is now available and can be found here

To catch up on CSHP advocacy news, click here.

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Reach out to our professional practice team!   

December 05, 2023
Advocacy in Action: December 5

Latest News

Call for expressions of interest – Sustainability Implementation Task Force

December 5, 2023 

CSHP is committed to supporting and advocating on behalf of the profession to make pharmacy’s voice heard and stimulate action in areas that require multi-agency or systemic change as it pertains to Climate Change and Sustainability in pharmacy practice.

In February 2023, CSHP struck a Sustainability Task Force to research and identify specific goals and deliverables for CSHP to work on to address climate change.  This task force delivered a comprehensive list of recommendations for CSHP and the Board struck another Task Force to implement these recommendations.

If you are, or know someone, who has knowledge and expertise in one or more of the following areas, please email Professional Practice at your Curriculum Vitae (CV), and a letter of intent (max. 500 words) describing your experience, by close of business on Tuesday, December 19, 2023

  • Qualifications, existing role, or knowledge in relevant sustainability fields or providing specialist sustainability services to healthcare organizations.
  • Good understanding on how hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare systems operate and are compliant with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, technical guidance for environmental sustainability matters.
  • Experience engaging in initiatives from conception through to implementation
  • Experience working with networks of key or influential stakeholders relevant to sustainability and social value.
  • Knowledge of pharmacy technician practice.

We are looking for pharmacy professionals from all practice settings and with various levels of experience!

CSHP is committed to ensuring that our task forces and committees represent the full diversity of our members. Please feel free to indicate if you belong to an equity-deserving group, as this will be taken into consideration with all expressions of interest.
View the Terms of Reference for the Sustainability Implementation Task Force here

December 05, 2023
Call for expressions of interest – Sustainability Implementation Task Force

Latest News

Call for nominations: President Elect and Treasurer

Dec 1, 2023

The CSHP Nominating Committee, chaired by Dr. Sean Spina, is seeking nominations for
President Elect
(Term:  1 year - 3 years total as Presidential Officer)

Treasurer (Finance Liaison Portfolio)
(Term: *3 years as Executive Officer)

For information on the criteria and competencies for the position and to obtain a nomination form, please click here.

If you would like additional information about either position, please contact Sean Spina at

Please send nomination forms to Hira Tauqeer at

Deadline for submission of nominations:
Friday, January 19, 2024
December 01, 2023
Call for nominations: President Elect and Treasurer

Latest News

Call for poster abstract reviewers: Professional Practice Conference 2024

November 28, 2023

Volunteering as a poster reviewer is an opportunity to help the Society and your fellow members by providing valuable feedback and supporting high quality research. Abstracts will be assigned to reviewers in mid-January, with about 3 weeks allotted for review. 

Abstract reviewers must be current CSHP members. To volunteer as a reviewer, please contact practice@cshp.caThank you for contributing your time and expertise to the CSHP community!  

Call for poster abstracts for PPC 2024

Do you have a research project that you'd like to present as a poster at PPC? Poster abstract submissions are now open. Click here for more details.

November 28, 2023
Call for poster abstract reviewers: PPC 2024

Latest News

Call for poster abstracts: Professional Practice Conference 2024

November 27, 2023

CSHP's Professional Practice Conference will be held April 19-21st, 2024 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  As we gear up for this hybrid gathering, we're calling for poster abstract submissions from the CSHP community. Poster presentations are an integral part of the conference experience, and an opportunity to share your work with attendees across Canada. Last year, the Together Conference in Banff featured 50+ posters with a wide range of the latest topics in hospital pharmacy research. The deadline for abstract submissions is December 22, 2023 at 16:00 ET 

Submit your proposal

Please carefully review the instructions below; only abstracts that meet these requirements for formatting and submission will be considered. 

Poster abstract guidelines for PPC 2024


Authors must specify the category that best suits their abstract. Abstracts will be judged according to the category specified by authors upon submission.

  1. Original Research (includes Pharmaceutical/Basic Science, Clinical Research, Drug Use Evaluations, Systematic Reviews with or without Meta-Analysis, Pharmacoeconomics Analysis, etc.)
  2. Pharmacy Practice (includes Administration Projects, Health Professional Education, Medication Safety Initiatives, etc.)
  3. Case Reports

Abstract style rules

Abstracts that do not adhere to the following rules will be rejected. 


  • Should be brief and clearly indicate the nature of the presentation
  • Use title-style capitalization (i.e., capitalize only the first letter of each word of the title except for minor words, unless it is the first word of the title; do not capitalize prepositions)
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Do not place a period at the end
  • Do not write out numerals 


  • List the authors as “last name + initials” (e.g., “Lee K, Patel L, Smith J”) under the title, with superscript numbers linked to affiliation notes
  • Institutional affiliation, city, and province should be listed under the list of authors with corresponding footnotes identifying author affiliation(s)
  • When there is more than one superscript number for an author with multiple affiliations, the superscript numbers should be separated by commas only (no spaces)
  • Put department/faculty first, then institution name
  • Present affiliations with city and two-letter provincial abbreviations
  • For affiliations outside of Canada, include name of country
  • Omit degrees, titles, and appointments
  • Please underline the name of the author who will present the poster if accepted

Body and headings

Organize the body of the abstract using the exact headings outlined below for the selected category. Use bold for paragraph headings, add a colon after paragraph headings, and capitalize the second word in a two-word heading, such as “Literature Review”. Please note that studies with multiple outcomes must be presented in the same poster. Do not report individual outcomes from the same study data in separate posters.

  • Original Research:
    • Background: Briefly describe the rationale for the study
    • Objective(s): Include the main study objective(s)
    • Methods: Include study design, methods, intervention, and statistical analysis
    • Results: Provide main results
    • Conclusion(s): Include the main conclusion and interpretation of the results which are supported by the data provided
  • Case Reports:
    • Background: Briefly describe the rationale for the case report
    • Case Description: Provide details of the case. Enough details should be provided to clearly outline the case and support the assessment of causality
    • Assessment of Causality: Case reports of suspected adverse drug reactions should report on causality using a causality assessment tool such as the Naranjo scale. If the case report does not involve an adverse drug reaction, the authors should still articulate the association between the therapy and the observed outcome
    • Literature Review: Briefly examine current literature relating to or surrounding the case report
    • Importance to Practitioners: Briefly describe implications/importance of the case report to pharmacy practitioners
  • Pharmacy Practice:
    • Background: Briefly describe the background and rationale for service, program, problem, need, etc.
    • Description: Describe the concept, service, role, or situation
    • Action: Describe the steps taken to identify and resolve a problem(s), implement change, or develop and implement the new program
    • Evaluation: Describe the evaluation process of the project and results of evaluation
    • Implications: Describe the concept’s importance and usefulness to current and/or future practice

Abstract text

  • Abstract body (not including title and authors) is limited to 300 words. This includes the required section headings as outlined above. Any abstract that exceeds the word count will be rejected.
  • Each table is equivalent to 30 words.
  • Each graphic is equivalent to 60 words.
  • Results or evaluation must be included in the abstract. It is not acceptable to state that results will be discussed. Abstracts doing so will be rejected.
  • Do not indent the start of a paragraph.
  • Place abbreviations in parentheses after the full word or phrase upon first mention. Please keep abbreviated terms to a minimum.
  • Use numerals to indicate numbers, except at the beginning of sentences.
  • Use only generic names of drugs, material, devices, and equipment.
  • Do not include citations, reference numbers, or reference lists.

Submission instructions

  • Authors must submit TWO copies of their abstract – one original copy (for inclusion in the conference program) and one blinded copy (for review purposes)
  • Please ensure that the following steps are taken for the blinded copy:
    • Author names, location, and affiliations are removed
    • The abstract (including the title and body) should not contain any identifying information, such as the geographic location, authors, programs, or institutions of origin
  • Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically as a file in MS Word format
  • The two MS Word files must be named according to the following convention:
    • Blinded copy: First three words of the title_Submitter's last name_Blinded 
    • Unblinded copy: First three words of the title_Submitter's last name_Unblinded

Only abstracts that meet these requirements for formatting and submission will be considered.

November 24, 2023
Call for poster abstracts: Professional Practice Conference 2024

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