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Vision for the Hospital Pharmacy Profession Task Force 

November 7, 2023

The Vision for the Hospital Pharmacy Profession Task Force crafted 12 outstanding vision statements unanimously approved by the Board. They are as follows:

  1. Pharmacy professionals engage in shared decision-making to provide evidence-informed care that incorporates patients' values, needs, and preferences.
  2. Pharmacy professionals provide equitable, culturally appropriate care tailored to the populations they serve. 
  3. Pharmacy professionals collaborate to address patients' medication needs across the continuum of care.  
  4. Pharmacy professionals engage patients and their caregivers in managing the patient's health and wellness. 
  5. Pharmacy professionals optimize patient care by practicing with their full and expanding scope of responsibilities. 
  6. Pharmacy professionals develop and maintain leadership skills to benefit their patients, themselves, and the profession. 
  7. Pharmacy professionals meet complex practice needs in healthcare systems by engaging in formal training opportunities, including specialization and credentialling. 
  8. Pharmacy professionals are engaged in the education and mentorship of peers, future hospital pharmacy professionals, and other health care providers. 
  9. Pharmacy professionals pursue innovative solutions to improve access and provide care to patients in the most appropriate location, which may include their homes or local communities. 
  10. Pharmacy professionals lead quality improvement and research initiatives with a focus on medication use, pharmacy practice, and resource allocation. 
  11. Pharmacy professionals lead and implement rational medication use practices that are fiscally and environmentally sustainable. 
  12. Pharmacy professionals promote diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging, both within the pharmacy profession and the broader healthcare system. 

In a task force led by Co-Chairs Zack Dumont and Mary Gunther, these statements were narrowed down over a three-round process through a Delphi panel. On this panel, there were representatives from patient advocacy, IPPC, APES, CAPSI, Technicians, AFPC, 2SLGBTQA+ advocacy, and, for the first time, patients.  

With these statements agreed upon by the Board, this task force has been dissolved and will be replaced with a Vision Implementation Task Force. This new task force will concentrate on a plan to put the proposed work into practice in line with the approved vision statements.

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