Awards Committee / Comité des prix

Chair Rumi McGloin (BC)
Committee Members


Drupad Joshi (ON)
Huy Pham (ON)
Janice Ma (ON)
Jonathan Mailman (BC)
Jaime McDonald (NS)
Kim Abbass (NS)
Laura Johnson (BC)
Olivia Ng (ON)
Richard Cashin (SK)
Tracy Furst (MB)
Will Nevers (NS)


Staff Liaison Robyn Rockwell (ON)

Compounding Steering Committee

Senior Chair Trent Fookes (ON)
Committee Members


Sylvia Hyland (ON) 
Stephen Black (ON) 
Rebecca Lynch (ON) 
Bill Perks (ON) 
Vera Riss (ON) 
Vivian KT Lee (ON) 
David Low (BC) 
Kim McDougall (AB)
Katie Hollis (NS)


 Staff Liaison  Rita Dhami (ON)

Education and Development Committee

Co-Chairs Chantal Michaud (NB)
Committee Members


Priscilla Gordon (NB)
Andrew Le (BC)
Cindy Luo (BC)
Mariam Imran (ON)
Annick MacLeod (ON) 
Richard Cashin (SK)
Karen Dahri (BC)


Staff Liaison Kiet-Nghi Cao (ON)

Fellows (FCSHP) Recognition Committee / Comité de reconnaissance des Fellows de la SCPH

Chair Luc Bergeron (QC)
Past Chair Doug Sellinger (SK)
Committee Members


Zhara Kanji (BC)
Alice Tseng (ON)
Lisa Bishop (NL)
Theresa Schindel (AB)
Karen Dahri (BC)


Staff Liaison Pamela Saunders (ON)

Finance and Audit Committee / Comité des finances et de vérification

Chair Megan Riordon (ON)
Committee Members


Andrea Beaman (ON)
Mary Gunther (AB)
Jarrid McKitrick (MB)


Staff Liaison Cathi Yabsley (ON)
Anna Dudek (ON)

Nominating Committee / Comité des mises en candidature

Chair Sean Spina (BC)
Committee Members


Faith Louis (NB)
Glen Pearson (BC)
Zack Dumont (SK)
Sarah Way (NL)


Staff Liaison Hira Tauqeer (ON)

Governance Committee

Chair Ashley Walus (MB)
Committee Members Andrea Beaman (ON)
Sarah Lutes (PEI) 
Kim Abbass (NS) 
Staff Liaison Hira Tauqeer (ON)
Jody Ciufo (ON)