CSHP Representative

A CSHP member may represent CSHP on behalf of the CSHP Board to an organization outside of CSHP. Requests to provide a CSHP representative to an external organization are reviewed by the Executive Committee. When sufficient time is available a general call for expressions of interest will be made to members of CSHP: when insufficient time is available for such a general call, the Executive Committee will recommend that specific members be approached to determine their interest in being a CSHP representative. All new CSHP representatives will be confirmed by the Board (usually at either the Mid-term Board Meeting or Fall Board Meeting).


A PSN shall not initiate or respond to communication with external organizations without prior approval by the CSHP Executive Director or the Executive Committee. CSHP can facilitate PSNs working with external groups in forging partnerships when the need is identified. Please contact the Chair of the PSN Coordinating Committee to express that need to the Executive Committee.

All requests for a CSHP representative should be forwarded to the Executive Director of CSHP.