Pilot: Education to support mandatory reporting of serious ADR and MDI (Vanessa’s Law)

Due Date: April 15, 2018


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the Pilot: Education to support mandatory reporting of serious ADR and MDI (Vanessa’s Law).

The education content is intended to:

  • raise awareness of the proposed Health Canada regulations, and

  • make available core content that can be used by individuals or organizations to learn about, or educate others on, the requirements for mandatory ADR and MDI reporting.

There are 5 PowerPoint Pilot modules (pdf documents):

  • Module 1 – Overview of Vanessa’s Law and Reporting Requirements

  • Module 2 – Culture of Safety

  • Module 3 – ADR and MDI Reporting Processes

  • Module 4 – System Supports for Reporting and Learning

  • Module 5 – Health Canada’s Review and Communication of Safety Findings

Please view the modules and provide feedback using the questionnaire by April 15th.

Click here for the English Pilot page (modules and questionnaire)

Click here for the French Pilot page (modules and questionnaire – in English only)

The final modules will be provided as PowerPoint slides in July 2019 for use (as individual slides or entire modules) in orientation, continuing education, and individual learning. One of the principles guiding this project is that the best people to communicate information about mandatory ADR and MDI reporting are those closest to their audience. In this way hospitals, educational organizations, and accrediting bodies can use the content most useful to their audience.

If you have any questions about the Pilot, please email