The Canadian healthcare system must be restructured such that Canadians have equitable access to evidence-based, effective, medically necessary drugs, including access to the expertise of pharmacists, regardless of their care setting and of their ability to pay.

CSHP has been a long-standing proponent of Pharmacare. In this joint statement, published November 19, 2019, CSHP calls on the new federal government to immediately implement universal, public pharmacare.

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CSHP's Position

National Pharmacare: Position Statement (2017)


Medications are a crucial part of preventing and treating illness. Unfortunately there are barriers to their accessibility and appropriate use in Canada. A national pharmacare program and the creation of a national formulary would go a long way to ensuring that all Canadians have equitable access to safe and effective medically necessary drugs, regardless of where they live.

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Endorsement of the Pharmacare Consensus Principles

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Position Statement

Pharmacare NOW (2019) National Pharmacare: Position Statement (2017) Régime national d’assurance médicaments : Déclaration de principes (2017)

Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Provincial and Territorial Premiers – 2016

National Pharmacare Plan – Open Letter Régime national d’assurance médicaments : lettre ouverte


"The National Pharmacare Debate": Brief to the Provincial, Territorial, and Federal Ministers of Health – 2004 “Prescription for the Future”: Brief to the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada – 2002

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Interim Report from the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare. (March 5, 2019). Government of Canada.

Federal Cost of a National Pharmacare Program (September 28, 2017). Government of Canada. Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Follow-up analysis to "Federal Cost of a National Pharmacare Program" (November 8, 2017). Government of Canada. Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.