Pharmacy Appreciation Month

This March, during Pharmacy Appreciation Month, we'll hear stories and learn amazing insights about contributions from every role on the hospital pharmacy team. If you have seen a pharmacy hero in action, let's give them the spotlight and the appreciation they deserve. Tag your social media stories and let's celebrate #PAM2024 and learn how #PharmacyDoesMore. 

Check back on this page now through the remainder of this campaign for newsletter articles, suggested social posts and many graphics for your digital platforms.


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      Social media content             

      March means it’s #PAM2024! This month, celebrate #pharmacy by learning how #PharmacyDoesMore ➡️ 

      #PharmacyDoesMore by keeping patients safe. By performing essential tasks like medication reconciliation or following compounding best practices, they improve the lives of patients daily.  

      Take the time to thank all members of your #pharmacy team this #PAM2024.  

      Whether you’re a pharmacy student, a pharmacy assistant, a pharmacy technician, a pharmacist, a manager, or a director: Thank you for showing that #PharmacyDoesMore. 

      A pharmacist's job doesn’t end at dispensing. They also: 

      ✅Optimize pharmacotherapies  
      ✅Help with device selection 
      ✅ Educate patients on best practices 
      ✅Monitor drug interactions, medication adverse effects, and drug levels

      That's just a few ways that #PharmacyDoesMore! 

      #PharmacyDoesMore no matter where you work. Whether you’re a part of a #pharmacy team in a hospital or community setting, we just want to say #ThankYouPharmacy for your medication expertise.  

      #PharmacyDoesMore for the environment by playing a critical role in promoting climate resilient, low carbon, and sustainable care/therapy options. #PAM2024 

      Happy #PAM2024 to the numerous #pharmacy professionals who skillfully manage essential clinical research alongside their daily clinical responsibilities. #PharmacyDoesMore 

      Pharmacists are medication information experts. 
       Whether advising patients, physicians, or caregivers, #pharmacists are dedicated to ensuring the safe administration of drug therapies. #PAM2024 

      #PharmacyDoesMore by preparing and drawing vaccines that keep Canada healthy!

      In recognition of #PAM2024, be sure to extend thanks to all the hospital #pharmacy technicians.  

      Every #RXTech plays a vital role in delivering essential services to patients, including preparing sterile compounds with meticulous techniques and calculations. #PharmacyDoesMore 

      Your #pharmacy team’s ingenuity in addressing #drugshortages allows them to find alternatives that best suit their patient’s needs, all in the face of one of Canadian healthcare's most pressing issues. #PAM2024 #PharmacyDoesMore 

      Newsletter article to share:

      Pharmacy Does more!
      Join CSHP on our Pharmacy Appreciation Month journey as we celebrate and recognize the thousands of pharmacy practitioners-across the country - both in hospital and community pharmacies. Pharmacy professionals do more for patient care than will ever meet the public eye. 

      Behind every patient, there is a pharmacy team working tirelessly to ensure both health and peace of mind. This dedicated group of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants put patients first, being involved with every aspect of the medication-use system.  

      We make sure patients receive the right therapies for their individual needs and their personalized health goals. 

      We provide vital clinical services including aiding in the transition from hospital care to home. 

      We are guides, innovators, and advocates for a healthier, more sustainable future.  

      We are pharmacy professionals, and we are proud that pharmacy does more!

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      CSHP National: @CSHP_SCPH
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      Saskatchewan Branch: @CSHPSaskBranch

      CSHP National
      Alberta Branch
      British Columbia Branch
      Manitoba Branch
      New Brunswick Branch
      Newfoundland and Labrador Branch
      Nova Scotia Branch
      Ontario Branch
      Saskatchewan Branch
      University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy Chapter

      CSHP National: @cshp_scph_national
      Alberta Branch: @cshp_ab
      British Columbia Branch: @cshpbcbranch
      Manitoba Branch: @cshp_mb
      Newfoundland and Labrador Branch: @cshpnlbranch
      Nova Scotia Branch: @cshp_ns
      Ontario Branch: @cshp_ob
      Saskatchewan Branch: @cshpsaskbranch

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