Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Pharmacy teams, we know you're exhausted. We recognize that the pandemic pressures are continuing to compound. We also know your drive to continue your outstanding levels of patient care. And that's why we are taking the time to say "thank you." This March, during Pharmacy Appreciation Month, we'll hear stories and learn amazing insights about contributions from every role on the hospital pharmacy team. If you have seen a pharmacy hero in action, let's give them the spotlight and the appreciation they deserve. Tag your social media stories and let's celebrate #PAM2022 and say #ThankYouPharmacy, together. 

Check back on this page now through the remainder of this campaign for newsletter articles, suggested social posts and many graphics for your digital platforms.



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      Social media content

      Managing drug shortages, counselling patients, participating in interprofessional care rounds, preventing adverse drug events, performing clinical research…#Hospital #pharmacy staff do it all! Happy #PAM2022 to our amazing pharmacy teams.

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      #ThankYouPharmacy for your work organizing mass #COVID_19 vaccination to keep our communities safe.  Hospital #pharmacy teams collaborated with other healthcare practitioners to get 650,000+ people vaccinated in Toronto in December alone! 

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      DYK? #Hospital pharmacists work with other healthcare providers to recommend drug therapies that are safe, appropriate, & effective for each patient’s needs. #PAM2022  

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      We ♥ pharmacy technicians! Techs play a key role in the dispensary, managing inventory and prepping meds and IVs. In some provinces, techs perform injections, too! #ThankYouPharmacy.  

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      If you’re admitted to #hospital, a hospital pharmacy team member will conduct a Best Possible Medication History to get accurate info about your home meds. That’s crucial to ensure continuity, and to prevent interactions with new drugs started in hospital. #PAM2022 

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      #ThankYouPharmacy for your hard work managing drug shortages! You’re integral to creating national strategies for conserving drugs and identifying therapeutic alternatives.  

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      DYK your medications might need to be compounded in the hospital? This important job is done by hospital pharmacy technicians and assistants. #ThankYouPharmacy 

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      Finding the right medication and dose for each patient is complex! To ensure the most effective treatment for your needs, #hospital pharmacists consider many factors like electrolyte levels, kidney function, weight, and age. #PAM2022 

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      #ThankYouPharmacy for your role educating patients about medications! You empower patients to understand what they’re taking, why they’re taking it, and how they should take it to achieve the best results for their health. 

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      According to a Canadian study, one quarter of pharmacist interventions have a 40%+ probability of preventing an adverse drug event! #PAM2022 

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      Newsletter article to share:

      Celebrating hospital pharmacy heroes

      “The everyday work of a hospital pharmacy team is high-stakes, with life-saving implications for our patients,” says Zack Dumont, President of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP). “Unfortunately, many people have no idea what a hospital pharmacy professional does! Whether you know it or not, there’s a highly trained team of directors, managers, pharmacists, technicians, and assistants in the hospital making sure you receive the best, safest medications for your needs.”

      As trusted medication experts, hospital pharmacy professionals make vital contributions to the healthcare system. Pharmacy technicians and assistants play essential roles in the dispensary, compounding medications in-hospital and preparing IV admixtures. Pharmacy technicians also conduct Best Possible Medication Histories, ensuring that the interprofessional care team has accurate and up-to-date information about which medications patients have been taking at home. This goes a long way towards preventing drug interactions and ensuring medication continuity for patients in hospital. Meanwhile, for a hospital pharmacist, it’s all part of a day’s work to develop pharmaceutical care plans to suit each patient’s unique needs, reconcile medications on admission and discharge, prevent drug therapy problems, and educate patients to make sure they understand and adhere to their medication regimens. Quality interprofessional care is incomplete without hospital pharmacy professionals ensuring safe, effective medication use.

       A robust body of evidence shows that hospital pharmacists’ expertise yields major benefits, both for individual patients and for Canada’s healthcare system. Team-based care involving clinical hospital pharmacists decreases readmissions and lengths of hospital stays, improves patients’ medication adherence, and saves the healthcare system significant financial costs. Examples abound, but one recent study estimated that by preventing adverse drug events, the interventions of a Canadian hospital pharmacist saved their hospital up to $1.37 million in a 6-month time frame, while preventing an additional 867 days in the hospital for surgical patients.1

      This work is complicated by drug shortages – a problem that existed long before COVID-19, but one the pandemic has exacerbated. Hospital pharmacy teams typically spend hours each week sourcing alternative drugs for their patients when shortages cause problems. They also carefully triage inventory to ensure an equitable supply of medications based on each patient’s needs. At the federal level, pharmacists from organizations including CSHP participate in Health Canada’s Tier Assignment Committee, developing national strategies to manage shortages and conserve drugs with minimal disruption to patient care. In grappling with issues as complex as drug shortages, the knowledge and ingenuity of medication experts is essential.

      To the already weighty responsibilities hospital pharmacy teams carry, the pandemic has added major pressures. Each day of this long crisis, pharmacy teams have served on the frontlines, caring for patients, championing evidence-based care in the face of rampant misinformation, and preparing and administering COVID-19 vaccines on a massive scale. They are exhausted. “Faced with widespread hospital protests and threats of harassment, hospital pharmacy teams have continued to show up each day to deliver outstanding patient care,” says Jody Ciufo, CEO of CSHP. “The dedication of Canadian hospital pharmacy professionals is nothing short of extraordinary. These individuals are heroes.”



      1. Neville H et al. Clinical benefits and economic impact of post-surgical care provided by pharmacists in a Canadian hospital. Int J Pharm Pract. 2014 Jun;22(3):216-22.doi: 10.1111/ijpp.12058. 

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      CSHP National
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      Manitoba Branch
      New Brunswick Branch
      Newfoundland and Labrador Branch
      Nova Scotia Branch
      Ontario Branch
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      Alberta Branch: @cshp_ab
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      Manitoba Branch: @cshp_mb
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      Nova Scotia Branch: @cshp_ns
      Ontario Branch: @cshp_ob
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      Pharmacy stories: Highlights from the past year