Less pain, more gain: prevention and management of acute procedural pain in the NICU


Date: July 23, 2024
Time: 1 pm ET 

Enhance your NICU expertise with insights from Najla Tabbara. 

Join us on July 23 to delve into pain management and prevention strategies for neonates in acute procedural pain, and the vital role of the pharmacy team in neonatal care.

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Learning objectives:
At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:  
1) Describe the impact of acute procedural pain on short- and long-term clinical outcomes in neonates.  
2) Review the efficacy and safety of pain management strategies for common painful procedures in the neonatal intensive care unit. 
3) Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of available evidence to inform acute procedural pain management in the neonatal intensive care unit. 
4) Discuss the role of the pharmacist in the care of neonates undergoing painful procedures. 

About our speaker:
Najla Tabbara is a clinical pharmacist in the Women’s and Infants’ Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital. Following studies in microbiology and immunology at McGill University, she obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Waterloo and completed a hospital pharmacy residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. Her research interests are in the fields of maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, and critical care. She is currently pursuing graduate studies in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, and will be leading a feasibility randomized controlled trial assessing intranasal fentanyl for acute procedural pain management in preterm infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit.