It's about DAN time: Drug Access Navigators are in

Date:  June 5, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET

Location: Webinar

Drug Access Navigators (DANs) strive to assist patients in overcoming medication access challenges through coverage management, logistics, and timely treatment advocacy.  
Curious about this patient-centric role, integrating it into your team's workflow, or pursuing a career as a DAN? Join Alan Birch on June 5 to dive deeper! 

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By the end of this presentation participants shall be able:

1. State what a Drug Access Navigator is and their role in healthcare.  
2. Explain how Drug Access Navigators and Pharmacists can work together to best support patients.  
3. Describe the opportunity for Pharmacy Technicians to become Drug Access Navigators in multiple disease areas.  
4. Establish a DAN role in your clinic 

About our presenter

Alan Birch is the Associate Director of Provider Solutions Oncology at Sentrex Health Solutions. He is also the Founder of Drug Access Canada. Alan started in career as a pharmacy technician, which led him to a role as a Drug Access Navigator at North York General Hospital in Toronto where he worked in the cancer centre for 8 years. Alan is the former president of the Ontario Drug Access Navigator association, ODANO, and created the website DrugAccess.ca, which providers resources for patients and health care providers. At Sentrex, Alan operates an oncology patient support program called Haven.

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