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Congratulations to Zack Dumont our 2023/2024 Fellows recipient!

Photos were taken at CSHP's Professional Practice Conference 2024 

What is the CSHP Fellows Program?

The CSHP Fellow program was initiated 54 years ago to recognize members who, through their practice activities and contributions to CSHP and the profession, were worthy of a recognition that signified outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment to practice excellence and professional growth.

To date, 189 members of CSHP have achieved the distinction of being recognized as a “Fellow of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists” (FCSHP).

Why is it important?

The Fellow program rewards the long term, sustained efforts of candidates in the areas that service the Society, patient care, education or research, and the profession. Candidates for Fellow status are assessed in a peer review process after completing an application form which documents the member's achievements in several key criteria areas.

This category of membership which is not intended to be merely a means of recognizing hospital pharmacists for their achievements and contribution to the profession, but rather a means of providing a stimulus and challenge for hospital pharmacists to raise standards of professional service and make hospital pharmacy an even more attractive specialty.

Here's what others had to say:

What should CSHP’s role be/ What is my role in CSHP?

"As a member of CSHP, my role – and I hope yours – is to work with the Society in advocacy efforts. Be the face of CSHP in your institutions and provinces. We all need to get involved, know what CSHP is doing, help steer the future of CSHP and be the frontline advocate for hospital pharmacy practice. CSHP is a welcoming family always interested in including new ideas and new voices on committees, task forces and at the branch council and Board level. As a member, we need to do more than just pay dues, we need to roll up our sleeves and pitch in, take a turn – advocacy takes many forms, everyone can find the role that suits them."

Doug Sellinger, Fellow - PPC 2018

What would you tell a new pharmacist today about pharmacy leadership?

"We are afforded the opportunity to do many things as pharmacist: clinician, teacher, researcher, manager. Figure out what drives you and where you want to go. Align your activities with these things. Be strategic. Volunteer for things that interest you and that you want to do, you'll be less likely to be forced to do things you don't want to do. Be sure to volunteer outside of your paid work, because different opportunities present themselves in these spheres. Find good mentors, they make all the difference. Pay it forward! Always remember the opportunities somebody has afforded you and give back to the brood of keen pharmacists following you. Even if they think you are trying to avoid the work, someday they will appreciate it."

Sheri Koshman, Fellow - PPC 2018

Why should I apply?

Be a recognized member who serves as a model for others through exemplary practice.

Promote worthwhile contributions to the literature of pharmacy, research in pharmacy and promote the role of pharmacists as primary health care professionals through active involvement.

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