2022 AGM Weekend Highlights 

November 8, 2022
CSHP had a busy and extended AGM weekend with a combined joint-symposium with l'Association des pharmaciens des établissements de santé du Québec (A.P.E.S.), multilateral meetings with Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada (I.P.P.C.), and our own Annual General Meeting.  

Here are some of the highlights. 

IPPC (Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada) 

Thank you to the Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada co-chairs Amy Lamb and Jaris Swidrovich for their presence at multi-lateral meetings as well as for Amy’s address at our Annual General Meeting. 

We held these meetings along with our colleagues from CPhA, NAPRA, AFPC, CPRB and Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada. The goal of these meetings was to introduce IPPC’s mandates then determine ways that we could all support Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals and patients in Canada. The representing organizations also shared their ongoing work relating to Indigenous pharmacy and brainstormed how IPPC fits in to their future plans.  

Your crucial insight on respect, reverence, sustainability, and family strength left us all inspired to inspect our day-to-day approach. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration and we will continue to spread the word about this new community built to support Indigenous pharmacy professionals. 

Pandemic Takeaways for Hospital Pharmacy 

On Oct. 28 and 29 we held our first-ever joint symposium between A.P.E.S. and CSHP after many years of being strategic allies. The symposium covered a topic that profoundly affected and still affects us all -   both professionally and personally- the COVID-19 Pandemic. The purpose of this event was to reflect, regroup, and reassess how we dealt with this pandemic and how we can best deal with future ones. Thanks to our amazing speakers and guests, we did just that! 

AGM (Annual General Meeting)

The CSHP 2022 Annual General Meeting was held at the Four Points by Sheraton, Gatineau-Ottawa, this past weekend. The Board of Directors and members alike were provided with a thorough update on CSHP, and were given a year in review presentation and voted on critical issues for the Society. 

At these meetings, the board approved a motion to amend articles 5, 8 and 9 of our Articles of Continuance. In simpler terms, article 5 saw the change to the minimum and maximum number of directors to 13 and 25, respectively. Article 8 clarified that there is only one class of members and eliminated any references to Branches since these are covered in our bylaws. Finally, article 9 touches on if CSHP were to dissolve, the remaining assets would be distributed to like-minded organizations across Canada. 

For CSHP Bylaws, a motion was made to make substantive changes to bylaw 1. Namely, these changes include the number of members required to establish a new branch as well as updating wording, definitions, powers, and rights seen throughout this bylaw.  

We also added some fresh faces to the board and saw some shifting among positions including: 
  • President Sean Spina (Victoria, BC) 
  • Past President Zack Dumont (Regina, SK)  
  • President Elect Ashley Walus (Winnipeg, MB)  
  • Nova Scotia Delegate Kimberley Abbass (Halifax, NS) 
  • Ontario Delegate Andrea Beaman (Toronto, ON)
  • British Columbia Delegate Karen Dahri (Vancouver, BC) 

Board Updates 

In addition to the additions made to the board, CSHP also bid adieu to four incredible members of our Board of Directors. Please join us in thanking departing delegates Arden Barry (BC), Alanna McQuaid (NS), and Vivian Lee (ON). Special thanks and gratitude are due to Past President Tania Mysak who led CSHP through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the upheaval it caused in our Society, our hospitals, and our homes. Thank you, Tania, for your dedication to CSHP and to hospital pharmacy.  

Please visit the board page to see all current members of the Board of Directors! 

Hospital and Not-for-Profit Supporters

The board approved a new membership supporter category, Not-for-Profit Supporters, which will provide these organizations (ex: colleges, advocacy organizations, trade unions, government agencies, etc.) a discounted price for their supporter membership. Additionally, they voted to revamp the Hospital Supporter category. There will be a shift from the title Corporate Hospital Supporter to simply Hospital Supporters. This change will also refocus this supporter-ship to being more about the products and services that CSHP offers. There was also a change to Hospital Supporter fees. These changes provide an opportunity for these organizations to benefit further from supporting the Society, starting with special pricing for CSHP Hospital Pharmacy 101 seen here. To learn more about Hospital & Not-for-Profit Supporters, click here.