Apply Now for the 2024 Pharmacy Leadership Academy Scholarship

June 5, 2024


2024 Pharmacy Leadership Academy Scholarship

The CSHP Foundation is committed to offering educational opportunities that develop Canada’s hospital pharmacy leaders using innovative, evidence-based methods. The Pharmacy Leadership Academy® (PLA) is a 12-month on-line integrated program offered by the ASHP Foundation that will appeal to Canadian hospital pharmacy leaders or those aspiring to leadership positions who want additional training. 

This scholarship is for the July 14, 2024, program start date and is valued at $5,000 CDN towards the PLA tuition fee. Application information for the CSHP Foundation scholarship is available at CSHP Foundation.

Further information on the ASHP PLA program is available at

The ASHP Pharmacy Leadership Academy has the following program objectives: 

  1. Provide a curriculum that enhances leadership competency and tackles contemporary issues in healthcare.
  2. Provide leadership education in a graduate credit-worthy platform applicable to practitioners in small to large hospitals and health systems. 
  3. Provide integrated, real-world pharmacy case studies to highlight and amplify critical thinking, integration of ideas and perspectives.
  4. Incorporate mentorship into the fabric of the program. 
  5. Maximize distance education of qualified persons through an advanced Learning Management System and technologies.


  1. Submit an ASHP Foundation Pharmacy Leadership Academy application by February 1, 2024.
    • ASHP will accept applications until March 31, 2024. However, to be considered for the CSHP Foundation Scholarship you must apply to the ASHP Foundation by February 1, 2024, to ensure notification of acceptance to the PLA program prior to submitting your CSHP Scholarship application.
  2. Submit a CSHP Foundation scholarship application with required documents by March 13, 2024.

The successful CSHP Foundation PLA Scholarship applicant will be notified by April 30, 2024.