Advocacy in Action: August 1

August 1, 2023

June 6, Choosing Wisely Canada

CPO Rita Dhami and Practice Specialist Kiet-Nghi Cao participated in the Annual Meeting of the Societies with key partners across multiple disciplines. The focus of this year’s meeting was on sustainable practices. 

June 16, Health Canada Health Products Supply Chain Advisory Committee with Health Minister Duclos

CEO Jody Ciufo and Rita Dhami shared insights on drug shortage solutions.

June 19, NAPRA Pharmacy Practice Meeting  

Rita Dhami and CSHP Vision Task Force Lead Mary Gunther participated in a valuable engagement session with key partners across the pharmacy sector on the implementation of the NAPRA Principles of Professionalism into pharmacy practice. 

July 27, Health Canada/Public Health Agency of Canada Pharmaceutical Drugs Program (PDP)   

CPO Rita Dhami was able to share CSHP perspectives with PHAC on drug shortages, assessment of climate change impacts, and the National Pharmacare Strategy.  

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages  

CSHP is providing weekly feedback and amplifying the voice of hospital pharmacy on drug shortages. 

CSHP is taking action to build a safer, more sustainable, and equitable healthcare system in Canada. Through active engagement in various committees, forums, and partnerships, CSHP strives to address drug shortages, enhance pharmaceutical safety, advance a National Pharmacare Strategy, promote pharmacy professionalism, and embrace sustainable practices. 

Addressing Drug Shortages

CSHP plays a key role in advocating for mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of drug shortages on Canadians. We are proud attendees and contributors at federal agency stakeholder meetings. We offer solutions and advice to the federal government on how they can best alter and implement their approaches in both the short and long term. CPO Rita Dhami has offered feedback on the federal government’s Pharmaceutical Drugs Program (PDP). She recognized the role PDP has in maintaining the safety, efficacy, and quality of regulation and while it has also vastly improved transparency in areas like regulatory processes or drug supply, there is still work to be done. Namely, she identified the opportunity for early identification of supply chain disruptions and for shortening the runway of foreign supply. The focus on drug shortages is likely to soon expand to other shortages in the health care industry, including medical equipment and nutritional supplements. 

Advancing National Pharmacare Strategy

It has long been CSHP’s belief that the Canadian healthcare system must be restructured so that Canadians have equitable access to evidence-based, effective, medically necessary drugs, including access to the expertise of pharmacists, regardless of their care setting or their ability to pay. This stance was affirmed by CPO Rita Dhami in her recent discussions with Health Canada/Public Health Agency of Canada, where she advocated for a transparent National Pharmacare Strategy that harmonizes access and coverage of drugs across Canada. 

Integrating Professionalism Principles into Pharmacy Practice

We have aligned ourselves with the need for professionalism in pharmacy practice as set out by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA). The embracing of professionalism not only improves the working conditions for pharmacy team members but also improves the level and the quality of care that health care practitioners can offer their patients. We have offered our perspective on how it can assist in the dissemination, uptake, and implementation of these principles in the daily work of collaborative healthcare environments especially as they align with the mission of CSHP’s Vision for Pharmacy Task Force. CSHP looks forward to further communication and collaboration on this topic. 

Promoting Sustainable Pharmacy Practices

CSHP is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the health care sector. 
CSHP continues to accomplish this goal through attending stakeholder meetings where we can amplify our current efforts and advocacy for sustainability in pharmacy, including the push for the assessment of climate change impacts in the regulatory process in addition to highlighting the work of CSHP’s Sustainability task force. These meetings provide CSHP insight into our healthcare peers sustainability activity. We take away inspiration and concepts to apply to hospital pharmacy.  
Soon, CSHP will be refreshing our Choosing Wisely Canada Hospital Pharmacy recommendations. These updated recommendations will balance quality pharmacy practice as well as environmental consciousness and will include a ‘green leaf’ label where sustainability practices are in play. 

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