Advocacy in Action: August 15

August 15, 2023

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages  


CSHP is taking action to build a safer, more sustainable, and equitable healthcare system in Canada. Today we dive into an area where CSHP continuously provides expertise at a national level- drug shortages. 

CSHP plays a key role in advocating for mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of drug shortages on Canadians.  
We are proud attendees and contributors at federal agency stakeholder meetings. By attending and contributing to these meetings, we help the federal government improve approaches by offering solutions and advice that can make an impact both in the short- and long term. 

Throughout August CSHP has been providing feedback and amplifying the voice of hospital pharmacy on drug shortages. More specifically, on August 2 Rita Dhami, CPO attended a drug shortage meeting on Hydrocortisone Injections. 
On August 22, CPO Rita Dhami has been invited to attend a Roundtable on improving access to health products in Canada with the recently appointed Minister of Health, the Hon. Mark Holland.  
Additionally, our professional practice team is working on their consultation submission to the Health Canada Drug Shortages Task Force where they will be providing insight into what aspects of healthcare should be invested in for the 2023 budget. They will be commenting on the following four pillars:  

  • Improved communication and transparency 
  • Maintaining an agile regulatory toolbox 
  • Greater supply chain visibility 
  • Enhanced response to supply and demand 

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