Advocacy in Action: August 29

August 29, 2023

What's happened

August 22, Roundtable meeting with Assistant Deputy Minister Stefania Trombetti

CEO Jody Ciufo and CPO Rita Dhami participated alongside Assistant Deputy Minister for Health Canada, Stefania Trombetti, the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), and the Canadian Paediatric Society. Solutions to improve access to drugs and other healthcare products in Canada were discussed. CSHP highlighted key aspects of our drug shortages consultation (read below).

August 23, Canadian Medical Association (CMA) 'Net Zero' meeting

Rita Dhami met with CMA Lead Sarah Lowden to explore collaboration opportunities to achieve a more sustainable healthcare system. 

August 24, Canadian Healthcare Workforce Network meeting 

Ivy Bourgeault and Dr. Natalie Crown, Project Leads of Health Human Resources initiatives, met with Rita to discuss their success in developing a toolkit to help health workers cope with burnout and an upcoming research opportunity pertaining to pharmacy health human resources.

August 25, Letter to Hon. Minister of Health Mark Holland

Jody Ciufo’s letter introduces CSHP and conveys the Society’s commitment to working with Minister Holland to promote the highest standards of healthcare and patient well-being in Canada.

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages meetings

CSHP is providing weekly feedback and amplifying the voice of hospital pharmacy on drug shortages

  • Aug 16: Multi-Stakeholder Call #11 – Shortages of Amoxicillin Oral Suspension/Capsules/Tablets 
  • Aug 23: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Impending supply disruptions of Ozempic 
  • Aug 24: Tier Assignment Committee Meeting – Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Dextrose 50% 
  • Aug 25: Tier Assignment Committee Review – Hydralazine and Primene 10% 

What's happening 

August 30, Drug Shortages Consultation to be submitted

CSHP’s submission provides four fundamental pillars that serve as a blueprint for collaborative action between Health Canada and fellow stakeholders.

  • Improved communication and transparency
    • Improved two-way communication and transparency from hospitals and manufacturers 
    • Earlier identification process for shortages and turn-around to Tier Assignment Committee 
  • Agile regulatory toolbox
    • Reassessment of outsourced drug preparation (previously known as commercial compounding) legislation to inform where compounding can support shortages 
  • Greater supply chain visibility  
    • Development of harmonized barcoding standards 
  • Enhanced response to supply and demand
    • Coordination of collaboration between CSHP and Medical Organizations to develop tools/resources to support hospital clinicians during shortages
    • Development of ethical framework to respond to shortages and prioritize patients consistently 

What's worth repeating

Tier 3 shortage: Hydrocortisone Injections

On August 2,  Solu-Cortef® was deemed a Tier 3 shortage and was posted on the Tier 3 drug shortages list. While the shortage of the 100mg strength has ended and the estimated end dates for the 500mg and 1g injections remain the same, the 250mg shortage has been extended to September 11.

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