Advocacy in Action: October 10

October 10, 2023

What's happened

September 26, Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies member meeting

The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Canada), known for its research, education, advocacy, and policy efforts, strives to address the growing threat of illegal online drug sellers to public health. CSHP CPO Rita Dhami attended one of their member meetings at the end of September to learn more about ASOP’s government engagement plans and results from their recent survey in addition to being told about their plans for a toolkit. 

October 5, Roundtable on Meeting of the Health Product Supply Chain Advisory Committee

The Drug Shortages Task Force, including Rita and Assistant Deputy Minister Stefania Trombetti, met again for a roundtable discussion. Deputy Minister Trombetti provided stakeholders with an overview of the consultation results on public drug shortages and informed committee members that Health Canada would develop a summary 'What we heard' document that would be shared with them soon. 

October 6, Collaboration on a National ‘At-Risk Medicines’ List 

As part of a CIHR-funded project with Health Canada and CADTH, Rita will join an expert panel to develop a national at-risk medicine list.   

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages meetings

CSHP is continuing to monitor these ongoing drug shortages:

  • Sept. 28: Multi-Stakeholder Call #15 – Shortages of Paediatric Analgesics 
  • Sept. 29: Multi-Stakeholder Call #3 – Supply disruptions of Ozempic  

What's worth repeating

September 12, Appropriate Use Advisory Committee Interim Report Roundtable

A unified appropriate-use program is being developed by the Canadian Drug Agency (CDA) to improve the pharmaceutical landscape. During this interim report roundtable, Rita spoke about the importance of promoting evidence-based approaches and interventions to improve the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to identifying drivers of inappropriate use, hospital pharmacy teams also employ multi-pronged behaviour change strategies in order to improve prescribing.

September 14, European Association of Hospital Pharmacists

President Sean Spina, CEO Jody Ciufo, and CPO Rita Dhami met with Ambassadors from the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) where EAHP introduced their organization and its strategic priorities. Over the course of this meeting, both organizations found several areas of overlap in their work including a shared focus on vision for practice, drug shortages, sustainability, and human resource challenges. It is expected that this meeting will be the first of many collaborations between CSHP and EAHP. 

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