Advocacy in Action: November 7

November 7, 2023

What's happened

October 16, CSHP-CASCADES Exploring Collaboration Opportunities on Sustainability in Hospital Pharmacy 

After the successful launch of the Playbook on Climate Resilient, Low Carbon Sustainable Pharmacy with CSHP as a proud collaborator, Professional Practice team met with CASCADES to explore further potential collaborations focusing on sustainability practices in hospital pharmacy.

October 24, Mohawk-Medbuy Presentation on Sustainability in Hospital Pharmacy

CPO Rita Dhami attended the annual Pharmacy Committee Meeting at Mohawk-Medbuy where she shared recommendations from the CSHP Sustainability Task Force. Rita also highlighted the opportunities hospital pharmacy's clinical and operations teams can take to integrate sustainable considerations into procurement and practices. 

October, Health Canada consultation on the Handbook for healthcare professionals on biosimilar biologic drugs 

Professional Practice Specialist Kiet-Nghi Cao joined a working group of subject matter consultants from across the country to help with the development of a Health Canada handbook focused on informing and educating healthcare professionals on biosimilars. The guidelines will provide background on the immunogenicity of biosimilars, details on authorization, accessibility, and monitoring of them, and includes example case studies. This handbook is due to be released next month. 

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages Meetings

CSHP is continuing to monitor these ongoing drug shortages:


  • Oct 16: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Supply disruptions of Ozempic 
  • Oct 18: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Shortages of Amoxicillin oral 
  • Oct 27: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Supply disruptions of Ozempic
  • Nov 1: Clinical Stakeholders Call – Supply disruptions of Ozempic 
  • Nov 2: Tier Assignment Committee – Review of de-escalation of Erwinase 

What's worth repeating

October 5, Roundtable on Meeting of the Health Product Supply Chain Advisory Committee 

The Drug Shortages Task Force, including Rita and Assistant Deputy Minister Stefania Trombetti, met for a roundtable discussion. Deputy Minister Trombetti provided stakeholders with an overview of the consultation results on public drug shortages and informed committee members that Health Canada would develop a summary 'What we heard' document that would be shared with them soon.  

October 6, Collaboration on a National ‘At-Risk Medicines’ List   

As part of a CIHR-funded project with Health Canada and CADTH, Rita will join an expert panel to develop a national at-risk medicine list. 

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