Advocacy in Action: June 4

June 4, 2024

What's happened

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages Meetings

CSHP is continuing to monitor these ongoing drug shortages:
  • May 17 Tier Assignment Committee: Shortages of Loxapine  
  • May 23 Tier Assignment Committe: Shortages of Irinotecan
  • May 30 Tier Assignment Committee: De-escalation of Calcitonin 

What's happening

May to June, NAPRA Consultation on Modernization of Drug Schedules

After participating in an expert panel to modernize the NAPRA Drug Schedules, CSHP has been invited to consult on two potential models for non-prescription drug (NPD) scheduling and their respective terms of sale for inclusion in the updated program. CSHP will be contacting various members to include their perspectives in this consultation.

June 4, Choosing Wisely Canada Annual Meeting of the Societies 

CSHP is attending a multilateral meeting with Choosing Wisely Canada alongside all stakeholders. The agenda includes discussions on the Choosing Wisely Climate Campaign and exploration of potential collaborations between the various organizations. 

June 6, Transforming Primary Care in Canada Summit

CSHP CEO Jody Ciufo and CPO Rita Dhami will meet with pharmacy leaders, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and patient advocacy groups at CPhA’s inaugural national summit. The Transforming Primary Care in Canada Summit aims to reach a shared vision on the future roles of pharmacists and pharmacy teams in primary care, identify barriers and facilitators for integrating community pharmacies, and outline priority areas for actionable initiatives. 

What's worth repeating

May 15, Choosing Wisely Canada Climate Conscious Recommendations 

Professional Practice Specialist, Kiet-Nghi Cao, presented CSHP and CPhA’s joint hospital pharmacy recommendations to the hundreds in attendance on May 15’s Choosing Wisely Talks. 
The presentation of our ten new recommendations was part of Choosing Wisely Canada’s 40 new recommendations focused on sustainability. These recommendations were developed by national societies or associations spanning 20 specialties. Their goal is to provide practical ways to stop or reduce routine practices harming the environment without compromising patient care. 
To check out a recording of the presentation, click here.

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