Advocacy in Action: March 12

March 12, 2024

February 1, Special Multistakeholder Committee Debrief 

Health Canada provided stakeholders with more information on Florida's bulk importation proposal and the associated regulatory measures the government is enacting to minimize its impact Canadians. CSHP CPO Rita Dhami expressed her concerns about the proposal, highlighting the potential consequences for certain patient groups and called for increased protection of a Vulnerable Drugs List. 

February 1, Choosing Wisely Canada Meeting of the Associations and Societies 

CSHP participated in the Meeting of the Associations and Societies hosted by Choosing Wisely Canada. The meeting's main agenda revolved around developing a handbook addressing climate change with an emphasis on hospital pharmacy-based recommendations. CSHP and CPhA will be collaborating to craft recommendations relevant to the pharmacy sector.

February 5, ASOP Canada FDA Drug Importation Letter to Minister Holland 

Following up the Special Multistakeholder Committee Debrief on February 1, CSHP cosigned a letter alongside members of ASOP Canada that requested further meetings to discuss gaps identified in the current regulatory framework. 

February 8, Drug Shortages Expert Review Panel

As part of a multistakeholder panel, CSHP is working to develop a framework to assess the clinical and supply chain risk of certain drugs. In turn, this tool will aid in creating a systematic, adaptable, transparent, and regularly updated National Vulnerable Drugs List. For information on the status of this project, please view CADTH’s health technology review.

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages Meetings

CSHP is continuing to monitor these ongoing drug shortages:

  • February 22 : Health Canada Meeting on Shortages of Semaglutide (Ozempic): –  CSHP is actively engaged in multistakeholder meetings with Health Canada to oversee the supply of Ozempic. Despite ongoing efforts to enhance and stabilize the situation, intermittent delays may persist for Canadians due to sustained high global demand.
  • February 26: Tier Assignment Committee (Propofol Injectable) – Health Canada is closely monitoring the propofol supply situation and has designated it as a Tier 3 shortage, indicating its significant potential impact on Canada's drug supply and healthcare system. It will be listed on the shortages list accordingly.
  • February 27: Tier Assignment Committee (Thiamine Injectable)–  Both market authorization holders in Canada, Omega and Sandoz, are reporting a shortage of Thiamine Hydrochloride Injectable. This shortage has been classified as Tier 3, prompting the drug shortages unit to seek foreign-authorized supply to address the issue.

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