CSHP at the Canada Healthcare Innovation Summit

September 7, 2023

Join CSHP CEO Jody Ciufo at the Canada Healthcare Innovation Summit!

Join CSHP CEO Jody Ciufo as she moderates the Canada Healthcare Innovation Summit’s panel “Innovation in Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Management”. This panel will include experts like Michael Stacey, Executive Vice President (Academic) & Chief Medical Executive, Hamilton Health Sciences, Gerald Batist, Director, Segal Cancer Centre at Jewish General Hospital and McGill University, Jennifer Zelmer, President & CEO, Healthcare Excellence Canada, and John Adams, Board Chair, Best Medicines Coalition. 

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The Canada Healthcare Innovation Summit 2023! This highly anticipated event brings together healthcare stakeholders from across the country to explore the latest advancements in digital healthcare. The summit provides a platform for healthcare professionals, innovators, regulators, government officials and clinicians to share insights and expertise on the most pressing issues facing the healthcare innovation in Canada.

Main topics

  • New challenges in healthcare management
  • Innovation and future infrastructure for hospitals
  • Health digital transformation
  • Therapeutic innovation

Target audience

The target audience for this event is diverse, including:

  • Regulators and government officials: representatives from the Ministry of Health, Territorial and Regional Health Authorities as well as other government agencies involved in healthcare policy and regulation.
  • Innovators: entrepreneurs and startup companies working in the field of healthcare technology and innovation.
  • Clinicians: medical professionals from a variety of specialties, including oncologists, cardiologists, radiologists, and others.
  • Healthcare executives: leaders and decision-makers from hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations.
  • Researchers and academics: scientists and scholars studying healthcare innovation and technology.
  • Industry professionals: representatives from pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

By bringing together such a diverse group of stakeholders the summit aims to collaborate on solutions to the challenges facing Canada's healthcare system. The audience has the option to attend in person or virtually, using the live comment and networking area of our platform to interact and to ask questions during the panels. Meanwhile all panelists will be present on site.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, network with other professionals, and discuss strategies for improving healthcare in Canada. With a focus on digital transformation, therapeutic innovation, smart hospital infrastructure, and artificial intelligence and big data, attendees can expect to leave the summit with valuable insights and ideas to enhance healthcare delivery in Canada.

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