CSHP’s contributions to the Best Brains Exchange on antimicrobial business models

March 11, 2022

As part of CSHP’s mission to represent hospital pharmacy at the national level, CSHP recently participated in Health Canada’s Best Brains Exchange on antimicrobial business models. Stakeholders gathered to discuss the global market failure of antimicrobials, and to explore potential pull incentive options that could increase access in Canada.

In discussions, participants emphasized that “stewardship principles should be built into any pull incentive model as there is a need to preserve the effectiveness of the high value of antimicrobials.” Participants also highlighted the importance of engaging with all relevant Canadian pharmacy stakeholders in developing a pilot model.   

This was an exciting, collaborative opportunity to share the hospital pharmacy perspective with our peers as we work together to innovate antimicrobial business models. To read Health Canada’s full summary of the meeting, click here