CPRB News - July 2023

July 11, 2023
Standards Group Updates - July 2023

The Standards Subgroup is made up of the following volunteers: Henry Halapy (co-chair), Debbie Kwan (co-chair), Aleisha Enemark, Nicole Bruchet, Mike Legal, Rhonda Rhoedler, Brendan Mitchell, and Janice Yeung.  Katherine Desforges will join the group starting in September.  Henry Halapy will be finishing his term as the Standards Subgroup co-chair, with Mike Legal starting as the new co-chair in September.  

The group has worked on updates to the 2018 Year 1 and 2016 Year 2 Standards over the last year.  These 2023 updates are now posted and programs have one year to implement the updated Standards.  Highlights of the changes include: clarity on assessments of resident personal learning objectives, clarity on the documentation of residents achieving competencies, and clarity around the utilization of external training sites.  In addition, for Year 2 programs, clarity on the utilization of rotations outside of the defined area of practice.