CSHP opportunities to connect and give back

June 22, 2022

Getting involved in the Society

For you, what does the road to a fulfilling hospital pharmacy career look like? Many have found rewarding connections in the opportunities available to them as an active CSHP member. Here's a look at a few places you can get involved today.

Residency Roadmap reviewer or interviewer
Call for Curriculum Vitae Reviewers, Letter of Intent Reviewers and Mock Interviewers
Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy reviewer
Learn about the reviewer process and how to become a reviewer
Pharmacy Specialty Network Chair
It's more than just monitoring posts. Learn about this network role.
CSHP Foundation Board Pharmacist Trustee
CSHP Foundation Pharmacist, Industry and Public Trustees are voting members of the Foundation Board. This is your opportunity to become directly involved in the work of the CSHP Foundation.
CSHP Foundation Grant Committee member
The Committee reviews submissions for CSHP Foundation education grants and provides recommendations to the Foundation Board.
Branch events
Visit your local branch site to find more opportunities to connect.
CSHP Fellow
Becoming a CSHP Fellow is not only wonderful recognition but also a chance to share your experience with others along the way.

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