Representing you in Ottawa: CSHP’s response to CADTH national formulary framework

March 10, 2022

CSHP is proud to represent hospital pharmacy at the national level, advocating for equitable access to medication for all Canadians. As part of this mission, alongside other stakeholders CSHP recently provided feedback on the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) proposed framework for developing a pan-Canadian prescription drug formulary. This framework is intended to form the underlying principles that would determine which medications would be reimbursed in a future Pharmacare system.  

In our response to CADTH’s proposals, CSHP expressed our support for policies that reflect the needs of Canada’s diverse populations: “The consideration of pharmacotherapeutic areas that have been shown to improve health outcomes in people made vulnerable by systemic inequities is particularly important,” CSHP said. We also emphasized the need for seamless continuity of care for patients transitioning in and out of hospital settings, stating that “misalignment between hospital formularies and public/private formularies can lead to gaps in treatment for patients and drug wastage for the system.” To lower the likelihood of these issues, we encouraged the CADTH panel to adopt a standardized approach to reviewing drugs listed on hospital formularies.   

With the optimization of patient care as our driving force, CSHP will continue to work closely with other stakeholders to support and shape the development of a pan-Canadian formulary. As medication experts, hospital pharmacists are well positioned to offer guidance on federal healthcare policy. We will continue to represent members’ voices in Ottawa to advocate for safe, effective, and equitable medication use.