Student Member Stories: Al-Amin Ahamed

December 19, 2023

About Al-Amin

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them
School, Program & Year: University of Toronto, PharmD, fourth year 
Social media: alamin225 on Instagram, Al-Amin Ahamed on LinkedIn

What is enticing to you about hospital pharmacy?

The ability to leverage our clinical skills more broadly and directly in hospital pharmacy is really enticing me. Seeing the extent and scope of our knowledge first hand in the hospital environment is not only rewarding but validating. Hospital pharmacy also gives us the opportunity to work more collaboratively in an inter-professional environment which I think is super important to maintain and prioritize the holistic healing of a patient.

What drew you to join CSHP as a student?

CSHP is a leader in advocacy and outreach. I was so amazed at all the unique services, projects, committees, and professional development opportunities that CSHP continues to provide. As a pharmacy student, CSHP uniquely allows us to network and explore hospital pharmacy beyond the classroom and nurtures the skills required to succeed in the environment.

How do you see yourself reflected by CSHP?

The many opportunities to get involved and contribute as a student or professional is a means of self reflection. The innate opportunity to contribute to hospital pharmacy at every aspect of the pharmacy journey has been great. Whether it be conferences, journal clubs, national and local committees, residency roadmaps, CSHP has taken every opportunity to involve and include students in their advocacy, projects, and professional development.

Have you ever attended or presented at a CSHP event?

I have had the opportunity to attend the CSHP OB Annual Conference in Toronto in 2022. The experience was so enlightening and hopeful. Seeing the amazing work that pharmacy professionals are contributing toward the advancement of healthcare practice and delivery is inspiring.

What is one CSHP resource or benefit that you couldn’t live without?

The residency roadmap is such a helpful resource in building confidence and preparing students for hospital residency interviews and applications. The ability to get direct feedback and practice interviews is so helpful and a highlight of just one of the amazing resources CSHP provides for its constituents.

What is one piece of advice you give soon-to-be pharmacy students?

Be a sponge. Absorb as much learning as you can in a wide variety of fields and topics. Pharmacy is growing and expanding so quickly. Be open to new opportunities, experiences, and failures as they are essential toward your growth and development as a healthcare professional.

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