Student Member Stories: Raymonda Zheng

September 10, 2023

About Raymonda

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them
School, Program & Year: University of Saskatchwan, PharmD, fourth year
Social media: Raymonda Zheng on Linkedin

What is enticing to you about hospital pharmacy?

I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment where I challenge myself to be a more well-rounded healthcare professional. Hospital pharmacy gives me the adrenaline I need to achieve my potential to provide optimal patient care while also providing me with meaningful connections with patients and families. The interdisciplinary collaboration in hospital pharmacy allows me to work alongside and be inspired by excellent clinicians with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and perspectives. This collaborative approach aids me in improving my own practice continuously and engaging in patient-centred and informed decision-making where all aspects of a healthcare team are considered. 

What drew you to join CSHP as a student?

At every orientation for the new school year, our CSHP student reps present what CSHP is to the student body of the college. They were great at advertising, and I was sold! As an international student who was not familiar with the Canadian healthcare system, I joined CSHP to become part of a community that values professional development and innovation and commits to excellence in patient care. CSHP aligns with my beliefs and provides me with resources to support my professional growth.

How do you see yourself reflected by CSHP?

I see myself reflected in CSHP through the commitment to patient care excellence and the platform of collaboration. I feel grateful to be mentored by many CSHP members who inspired me on my journey as a pharmacy student. I’ve worked with resident, pharmacist, and technician members who all strived for shared value. I wish to give back to the community as a practicing pharmacist to guide students in the future, just like those who guided me. 

Have you ever attended or presented at a CSHP event?

I have remotely attended webinars hosted by the national and provincial branches to deepen my understanding of knowledge learnt in school and to keep up with the ever-updating health guidelines. The sessions were very informative hosted by pharmacists across Canada, so I also got to educate myself on the scopes of pharmacists in different provinces and in different hospital settings. As I relocate to BC this fall for an APPE rotation, I will be attending the BC clinical symposium.

What is one CSHP resource or benefit that you couldn’t live without?

As I start thinking about my career path upon graduation next May, the residency roadmap course helps me to navigate through the residency application process. I would recommend all graduating pharmacy students to watch the free first module to consider if hospital pharmacy would be an option for them.

What is one piece of advice you give soon-to-be pharmacy students?

Don’t hold yourself back. Seek mentorship and explore a diversity of opportunities. The field of pharmacy is constantly evolving. Find your passion, take chances, and discover what unfolds!

Anything else you'd like to say to the CSHP members reading this?

I appreciate the community that CSHP and our members have built. I hope we all continue to inspire one another and endeavour to deliver exceptional patient-centred care.


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