Together 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

January 18, 2023
With no shortage of excellent programming, Together: Canada’s Largest Hospital Pharmacy Conference is sure to provide attendees with unmatched opportunities for education while connecting the hospital pharmacy community across Canada.
To help make everyone's experience as seamless as possible in this new hybrid format, CSHP has developed an FAQ to clarify any questions that you may have.
Q. How many CEUs can I earn in total? 
A. Together attendees can earn up to 22 CEUs (pending CCCEP accreditation).
Here is a breakdown of those credits:

Conference ticket
Pre-conference credits (separate paid registration)
Sponsored satellite symposia (individually accredited by the sponsor)
  • Additional credits may be available through separate registration for sponsored satellite symposia, depending on the sponsor completing the accreditation process independently. 
Q. Can I earn all 22 CEUs if I’m attending virtually?
A. Up to 15 CEUs are available to virtual attendees. Sessions like the hands-on Pre-Conference Sim Lab: An Introduction to Managing Common Overdoses - A Toxicology Sim Lab for Everyone and the Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Survey Workshop are only available for those attending in-person
Q. Which other conference items are unable to be broadcast virtually? 
A. The face-to-face Student and Resident Networking Event and hospitality suites are not available on the virtual portal. 
Q. How long will conference recordings remain available?
A. Most recordings will be available on demand for a full year! However, to receive your CEUs, you must complete the accredited sessions by March 26, 2023

Q. If I can’t attend a session, can I watch the recorded session and still get my CEUs?
A.  Yes. Regardless of if you're attending in person or virtually, you can watch missed recorded sessions via virtual portal access (accessible on Thursday, March 9). Be sure to watch these sessions by March 26, 2023 to obtain your CEUs!

Q. Is the conference accredited for both pharmacists and technicians?  
A.  Yes, the conference will be accredited for both!  
Q. How do I know which sessions are accredited?  
A.  The sessions that are accredited will be indicated on the conference website with the CCCEP accreditation logo  (which will be updated closer to the conference).
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