Top CJHP reads of 2023

January 2, 2023

In 2023 the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy published four issues focusing on pharmacy in hospitals or other collaborative healthcare settings and optimizing safe and effective drug use for patients in Canada and throughout the world. Of the over 60 peer-reviewed articles included in their prestigious pages, the following pieces caught the eyes of readers most:

Hospital Pharmacists’ Experiences with Medical Assistance in Dying: A Qualitative Study

By: Theresa J Schindel, Phillip Woods, Amary Mey, Michelle A King, Margaret Gray, Javiera Navarrete 

This original research piece by a team from both Canada and Australia covers how pharmacists experience the practice of caring for patients who seek Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). Read about how members of these pharmacy teams balanced their medication-focused work while aiming to center the patient’s choices, autonomy, and needs. Learn more about their experience here.

Burnout among Hospital Pharmacists in Canada: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

By: Courtney L Blue, Odette N Gould, Corry Clarke, Heather Naylor, Meghan MacKenzie, Sarah Burgess, Stacey MacAulay,  Andrew J Flewelling

In 2020, a Maritimes-based research group set out to assess the prevalence of burnout among hospital pharmacists across the country. To see how Canadian hospital pharmacists are doing, view the study by clicking here.

“May You Live in Interesting Times”: Minimizing Contributors to Pharmacist Burnout

By: Glen Brown

This editorial suggests ways that hospital pharmacists can avoid burnout, turning interesting times into positive experiences rather than negative ones. To read CJHP Associate Editor Dr. Glen Brown’s thoughts, click here.  

Pharmacists Are Medication Stewards

By: Cynthia A Jackevicius

Finally, in this editorial by Cynthia A. Jackevicius, Associate Editor of CJHP, she asserts that pharmacists should empower themselves not only to be recognized as the most reliable medication experts but also to embrace their responsibility as stewards of medications. Read her thoughts here

Here's to all of the incredibly educational articles that CJHP published in 2023, and for an even more riveting set of issues in 2022.