University of Toronto Preceptor Development Program: Student Rotation at Baycrest Hospital

September 27, 2019

From left: PharmD student Jesse Ropat with Baycrest preceptor Andrew Messiha

As a pharmacist at Baycrest Hospital, Andrew Messiha connects with patients every day. “We are involved in rounds, we learn about each individual patient and create plans to make sure their medications are appropriate,” he said. Beyond the technical side of medication management, it is the ability to listen, communicate and provide care in a way that supports a patient and their family that enhances a pharmacists’ impact on patient care.

This past May, Messiha was paired with Jesse Ropat, a second year pharmacy student from the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy for an Early Practice Experience rotation. The Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Toronto emphasizes experiential education, and each year students take part in hands-on learning through four-week rotations in a variety of direct patient care environments. The final year of the program is fully dedicated to advanced experiential rotations giving students a chance to build skills and sample a diverse range of potential career paths.

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