Excellence in Pharmacy Practice -
Patient Care

Nominations will open in August 2024

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Purpose and criteria

This award will be granted for a project, protocol, process, or initiative of importance to hospital pharmacy practice that was implemented in a hospital or healthcare facility. Programs or initiatives may involve departments from outside of pharmacy, such as interprofessional clinics (e.g., family care teams). Given the rise in extreme weather events (and their consequent health impacts), submissions related to climate change may be given special consideration.

This award recognizes an individual or team that has demonstrated outstanding performance in improving patient specific outcomes through their practice, which may be evidenced in one or more of the following ways:

  • Exhibiting the core competencies of patient-centred care; compassion, respect and dignity, information sharing, participation, and collaboration

  • Implementing best practices to achieve exceptional patient care

  • Developing partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the healthcare system, healthcare providers, patients, and their families

  • Developing novel ways to improve processes in delivering services to enhance the patient experience

  • Other related qualities that may be considered during the selection process


This award is open to current Members and Individual Supporters of CSHP (including Pharmacists or Pharmacy Graduates, Pharmacy Technicians, Supporters, and Students) who have held CSHP membership for at least 12 consecutive months at the time the award nomination is submitted. In the event of a team nomination, at least one team-member must meet eligibility requirements. Only one award will be granted each year; if there are no qualified candidates, the award will not be given. 

About the award

The award will be presented at CSHP's national conference. All award winners will receive a personalized framed certificate. One winner will receive complimentary conference registration along with travel and accommodation to attend the event.

Award details

Award submissions will be adjudicated by the National Awards Committee. Assessment will be based solely on the information provided. In the event of a peer-nomination, additional details may be requested by the Awards Committee.

  • Nominations due by October 31 (23:59 Pacific Time)

  • Winners contacted in December

  • Winners announced in January via website, email, and social media

Submission details

Submit an individual or team for consideration using this nomination form.

Please provide the following documents with your completed nomination form:

  • A nomination letter (not exceeding 1000 words) which outlines the reasons that the nominated individual or team is recommended for consideration. The letter should describe how the work of the nominee (or team) meets the criteria for the award. You may nominate yourself or someone else for this award.

  • At least two letters of support (not exceeding 300 words each) from individuals, (including contact information), who have first-hand knowledge of the accomplishments of the nominated individual or team. Letters should describe why the candidate(s) should receive the award. Letters of endorsement must be submitted by someone other than the primary applicant/nominee, such as a supervisor, a collaborator, or another member of the nominated team who may or may not be a CSHP member.

  • Up to two supporting documents (of any length) that provide additional information about the project, protocol, process, or initiative. This may include posters, presentations, manuscripts, etc. 

  • Completed signature form

  • In the event of a peer-nomination, additional details may be requested by the Awards Committee

Completed nominations may be returned to CSHP by mail, fax, or email.

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Direct: 613-909-9964
Fax: 844-438-9397 
E-mail: awards@cshp.ca

If you would like more information, please contact Robyn Rockwell, Membership and Awards Administrator, at rrockwell@cshp.ca or 613-909-9964.