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Fellows (FCSHP) Recognition Committee Nominations / What’s Involved?

This document is intended to set forth some of the Roles, Responsibilities and Commitments involved with a Fellows Recognition Committee Nomination. Please note appointment to the committee entails a higher level of responsibility than those who have achieved Fellow status. In order to promote the ideals of the Fellows program, the committee must also be seen as reflective of the most accomplished of the active or promising leaders within the society.

Term - Initial appointed term is 3 years, following the 3 years you may be reappointed to an additional 3 year term.

February-March – teleconference to discuss Minutes from August teleconference, possible revisions to criteria and application forms, Board member recruitment, General Fellow Recruitment and any other business that has arisen since August – Approx. length 2 hours

July - Select possible dates for teleconference (a quorum of 4 is necessary to precede). Review applications and evaluate assigned candidates prior to August teleconference

August-September – Teleconference (dependent on the amount of applicants this may be one or two, 2 hour teleconferences). Administer the Fellows program by reviewing and recommending the eligibly criteria for fellows status for those applications submitted and award the FCSHP designation to those who meet the eligibility criteria.

On occasion we may have special committees or task forces to address specific issues, projects or tasks within the authority and objectives of the fellows program.

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For a list of CSHP Fellows please go to the CSHP Fellows page .