About PSNs

Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSNs) are communities of CSHP members who share common professional practice interests. By design, they connect people and information from across Canada to promote practice excellence and the enhancement of patient-centred pharmacy practice. Furthermore, the PSNs serve as a resource to CSHP’s Board and its Executive Committee for input and feedback on professional issues or to assist in drafting publications pertaining to the specialty.

The creation of a PSN is member-driven, formed at the request of CSHP members. Each request for a new PSN is considered by the Professional Practice Team.

Members of PSNs are expected to keep the PSN active by asking questions and offering answers. A PSN that does not remain active will be ended by the Professional Practice Team.

PSNs have autonomy and are responsible for their day-to-day operations. All members of the PSNs must respect and follow the CSHP policies and procedures and the content provided herein.

PSNs use the QID platform to share messages. You must be a current member of CSHP to access the platform.

A joint PSN is established between CSHP and another organization. The Primary Care PSN is a joint PSN with the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and it can be found on the QID platform.

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