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2024 Student update: Hospital Pharmacy Student Award winner and CAPSI-CSHP joint officers meeting

January 30, 2024

Hospital Pharmacy Student Award winner



Earlier this month at CAPSI’s Professional Development Week Conference in Toronto, ON, CSHP CPO, Rita Dhami alongside CAPSI President, Madison Wong presented the Hospital Pharmacy Student Award to the 2023-24 winner, Emma Fedusiak. 

Emma, a pharmacy student at the University of Saskatchewan is acknowledged for her compassionate approach to patient care, research, and education. She has developed essential skills through various work placements in organized healthcare settings including the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  

Specifically, she steps outside of her comfort zone repeatedly to learn from diverse perspectives of clinicians and practice areas. One area that she has taken a specific interest in is opioid stewardship. She has educated patients on their prescription opioids, tested tools that seek to flag those at risk of opioid overdose, and has created resources for multiple wards across Regina hospitals to help alleviate stigma around opioid usage. According to Emma, “stewardship showed me how research advances knowledge and improves patient care.”  

She is also a keen leader in Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility services at USask and in her broader community. This work has varied from being an Access and Equity Note Taker for multiple classes to connecting with new immigrants about pharmacy in Canada. 

Emma is a proud pharmacy advocate through CAPSI, having served on the national and local levels throughout her undergraduate career, in addition to her CSHP Saskatchewan Branch activities!  

Congratulations Emma – CSHP cannot wait to see what is next for you.  




On January 9, CAPSI and CSHP held a joint officer meeting with CAPSI delegates, CSHP President Ashley Walus, and CSHP staff on the call. It is always a pleasure to engage in discussions with CAPSI on pharmacy student supports and programs. Some topics covered were student membership, making residency more accessible and equitable for all students, tweaks to the CAPSI-CSHP Evidence-Based Practice Competition, and CSHP’s involvement in Professional Development Week 2025 which will be taking place in Halifax, NS.  


Career insight webinar - We have chairs!

On January 23, Lorie Carter, President of the CSHP NL Branch, led a webinar for students and anyone interested in pursuing a career as a hospital pharmacist. The webinar highlighted the vital role hospital pharmacists play in patient care and provided information about how to get started in this field.   

Throughout the webinar, she delved into patient cases, shedding light on the fulfilling aspects of the profession, and providing guidance for those interested in pursuing a career in hospital pharmacy.  

Watch this free and open-access webinar here.



January 30, 2024
2024 Student update: Hospital Pharmacy Student Award winner and CAPSI-CSHP joint officers meeting

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CSHP welcomes Pharmacy Technician, Faith Norris, in new role 

January 30, 2024
JANUARY 30, 2024, OTTAWA — The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) is pleased to welcome Faith Norris as the first Professional Practice Coordinator.  

 She’ll be coordinating the workflow and operations of the Hospital Pharmacy 101 Program, Pharmacy Specialty Networks, and educational events including the Professional Practice Conference as well as the CSHP Webinar Series. In addition, Faith is coordinating related Professional Practice operations, committees, and task forces
“I’m excited to dive into my new role as CSHP’s Professional Practice Coordinator! I look forward to taking my passion for pharmacy and collaborating with other healthcare professionals in this setting to advance patient care!”    

Throughout her professional career, Faith has worked as a Pharmacy Technician predominantly at London Health Sciences Centre in the Inpatient Pharmacy Department working on sterile preparation, entering Physician orders, and in unit dose. She also served as a superuser for the Swisslog Dispensing Robot and has experience in clinical trial pharmacy. Plus, Faith has been involved in multiple special projects including: 
  • Working with management to create and implement procedures to algin with NAPRA’s Model Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-Hazardous Sterile Preparations  
  • Working with the LEAN Team to reconfigure the daily schedule in the Unit Dose Area in accordance with their recommendations   
  • Assisting the Pharmacy Pandemic Team to identify changes required to medication distribution schedules to support the changing patient needs 

She lives in Baltimore, ON with her partner and three children.  

Interested in learning more about professional practice programs? 

Contact Faith: 


January 30, 2024
CSHP welcomes Pharmacy Technician, Faith Norris, in new role

Education Spotlight - Nese Yuksel

January 24, 2024

Nese Yuksel, BScPharm, PharmD, FCSHP, NCMP
CSHP Foundation Education Grant Recipient

“The development of a combined hormonal contraceptive practice tool for pharmacists will provide an accessible, practical, and easy to use practice tool to support pharmacists at the point of care with patients.”

Nese was a 2017 CSHP Foundation Education Grant Recipient in the amount of $9,357

Co-applicants: Anne Marie Whelan, BScPharm, PharmD, FCSHP

Project Summary
Effective contraception, such as combined hormonal contraceptives (CHC’s), are underutilized in Canada for a variety of reasons. As a result, our team recognized the need to support our colleagues with the management of CHCs at the point of care with an accessible, practical and easy to use practice tool.

What gap did you see in your practice that led to this project? 
Pharmacists can now initiate a prescription of CHC’s in most Canadian provinces because of pharmacists expanding scope of practice. It is now recognized that pharmacists are a convenient, approachable and reliable healthcare provider to support women with their contraception decisions. 

There are currently several barriers for women to obtaining or continuing effective contraceptives, including women not being adequately informed and issues of access. The Practice Tool for CHC has been designed to support pharmacists with prescribing and initiating CHCs and managing ongoing therapy. The Practice Tool includes four sections: Step 1: Assess if CHC is appropriate; Step 2: Initiate a CHC product; Step 3: Patient education; Step 4: Follow-up monitoring. 

How will this project impact pharmacy practice and/or care of patients?
This Practice Tool offers a framework for pharmacists to manage CHC including assessing patients, decision making and choosing a CHC, patient education and follow-up. It is our hope that this tool will provide a guide for pharmacists when prescribing CHC and supporting patients with CHC.

What did you learn that you weren’t expecting? 
The process of development of the practice tool took time and patience and involved multiple drafts and revisions. The expert reviews, as well as the pilot evaluations with the pharmacists provided very helpful and insightful comments and suggestions, which we were able to incorporate into future drafts.  

The development team consisted of myself, Dr Anne Marie Whelan and Christine Maslanko. We also wanted to give a shout out to all the pharmacy students who were involved in the development of the CHC Practice Tool over the years. Special thank you as well to all of the expert reviewers and pharmacists who took part in the evaluation, Christine Maslanko, Dr Judith Soon for the initial review of the tool and Broken Arrow Solutions for the graphic design.

Where should people go to learn more about this topic if they are interested? 
Individuals interested in learning more about our practice tool are welcome to contact me at A recent publication in January 2024 in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal presented a case highlighting how to use the CHC Practice Tool. The publication can be found by visiting

The development of the CHC Practice Tool could not have been achieved without the support of the CSHP Foundation for their financial support. 


The role of the hospital pharmacist is changing; research and education will support the change.

CSHP Foundation grant and scholarship recipients are changing the face of pharmacy practice. 
Find out more at

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January 24, 2024
Education Spotlight - Nese Yuksel

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Call for Members: Awards Committee

January 22, 2024


Join the Awards Committee!

We are looking for broad geographical representation from across the country.  

The Committee administers CSHP’s annual awards program, including reviewing submissions and selecting winners. We’re also involved in planning awards presentations, developing criteria for new awards, and promoting the program to the membership. 

We are seeking new committee members in the following areas: 

  • Chair Elect: 
    • CSHP member with team leader experience 
    • Prior experience serving on an awards committee would be beneficial 
    • Term begins Spring 2024 
    • This is a partial term that transitions to Committee Chair in Fall 2024 
  • Core Members: 
    • CSHP member with an interest in the awards program 
    • No previous CSHP committee or task force experience required 
    • Term begins Spring 2024 
    • This is a two-year term, with an optional two-year term (four years maximum) 

Candidate criteria

  • Candidates must be able to commit to a minimum of 6 virtual meetings per year. Meetings are scheduled in 2-hour time blocks. 
  • An additional time commitment is required for reviewing award submissions. This review is generally performed independently, so that results can be shared at meetings. Candidates should also schedule time to consult with the Committee Chair as necessary to become familiar with the position. 

Instructions for applicants: 

  • Please submit the following documents:
    • A copy of your curriculum vitae
    • One-page statement describing your interest in volunteering for this position 
  • Submit the above noted documents to the CSHP office by e-mail to Robyn Rockwell, Membership and Awards Administrator.   

For more information on either position, please contact Rumi McGloin, Chair, Awards Committee.  

January 22, 2024
Call for members: Awards Committee

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CSHP's statement on FDA’s Approval of Canadian Drug Importation

January 16, 2024
On January 5, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Florida’s plan to import prescription drugs from Canada in an effort to reduce the drug costs to the American consumer. The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) remains opposed to any exportation of medicines from Canada and will ramp up our advocacy to the U.S. Federal and state governments, as well as the FDA, to address the underlying drivers of drug shortages and pricing in the U.S.

“Canada cannot stock America’s medicine cabinet,” says CSHP President Ashley Walus. “Our drug supply is not the answer to the problem of high drug prices in the United States.”

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) also acknowledges that drug importation from Canada is not a real solution because it is not a meaningful response to drug pricing and has the potential to disrupt the pharmacist-patient relationship. 

While the details of Florida’s plan are still to be released, Canada took precautionary steps in August 2021 in response to various states exploring legislation to import prescription drugs. Health Canada bolstered the existing limitations in our healthcare legislation to stipulate that pharmaceuticals intended for the domestic market cannot be distributed outside of Canada if it will cause or exacerbate a shortage of a drug.

“The intention of some U.S. states to tap into Canada’s supply isn’t new,” says CSHP CEO Jody Ciufo. “In 2019, CSHP joined the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies Canada (ASOP Canada) along with 12 other organizations to advocate against the export of Canadian drugs. We appeared before various state legislatures, met with U.S. federalrepresentatives, and featured prominently in media stories about the issue – and will do this again to actively protect our drug supply.”

CSHP is engaged with Health Canada and applauds their notification to regulated parties of their legal obligations not to distribute drugs for consumption outside of Canada if the distribution will cause or worsen a shortage of the drug. Just as important is their plan to enforce existing regulations: “The Department will not hesitate to take immediate action to address non-compliance, ranging from requesting a plan for corrective measures, issuing a public advisory or other forms of communication, to taking action on the licenses of regulated parties who contravene the export prohibition if warranted.”

Along with these safeguards, CSHP believes in the importance of these collective efforts to address the complexities associated with drug importation and its potential impact on patient care. “We are aligned with our peers including CPhA, are a member of ASOP Canada, and we will continue to safeguard the supply chain intended for Canadian patients,” says CSHP President Ashley Walus.

For more information please contact: Dr. Rita Dhami, Chief Pharmacy Officer at
January 16, 2024
CSHP's statement on FDA’s Approval of Canadian Drug Importation

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Student Member Stories: Melanie King

January 2, 2023

About Melanie

Pronouns: She/Her
School, Program & Year: Memorial University, PharmD, fourth year 
Social media: Mellyjking on Twitter, Melanie King on LinkedIn

What is enticing to you about hospital pharmacy?

I love how pharmacists can play an essential role in managing drug therapy problems on an interdisciplinary team. I love how you are able to utilize your clinical knowledge and learn about specialized fields.

What drew you to join CSHP as a student?

I always found hospital pharmacy intriguing and thought it would be a great way to learn more. I started volunteering with our CSHP NL Branch on the education committee and then became the MUN junior student representative for the CSHP NL Branch and now am the senior representative.

How do you see yourself reflected by CSHP?

I love how there are so many student opportunities and resources. From webinars to journal clubs to provincial branches there are so many student events to learn more and meet others with similar interests. 

Have you ever attended or presented at a CSHP event?

I have attended the Together conferences virtually the past three years. I have also attended the Fall and Spring CE Days for the CSHP NL Branch for the past several years. I learned so much through these conferences and learning events such as interesting clinical topics that we have limited exposure to in school.

What is one CSHP resource or benefit that you couldn’t live without?

Webinars. Webinars are super valuable and being in Newfoundland, where travelling to events is more difficult, webinars have been a great way to advance my learning. 

What is one piece of advice you give soon-to-be pharmacy students?

 Get involved! You are only in pharmacy school once and you should make the most of it!


Want to share your student story?
Tell us about yourself here for a chance to be featured.

January 02, 2024
Student Member Stories: Melanie King

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Top CJHP reads of 2023

January 2, 2023

In 2023 the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy published four issues focusing on pharmacy in hospitals or other collaborative healthcare settings and optimizing safe and effective drug use for patients in Canada and throughout the world. Of the over 60 peer-reviewed articles included in their prestigious pages, the following pieces caught the eyes of readers most:

Hospital Pharmacists’ Experiences with Medical Assistance in Dying: A Qualitative Study

By: Theresa J Schindel, Phillip Woods, Amary Mey, Michelle A King, Margaret Gray, Javiera Navarrete 

This original research piece by a team from both Canada and Australia covers how pharmacists experience the practice of caring for patients who seek Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). Read about how members of these pharmacy teams balanced their medication-focused work while aiming to center the patient’s choices, autonomy, and needs. Learn more about their experience here.

Burnout among Hospital Pharmacists in Canada: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

By: Courtney L Blue, Odette N Gould, Corry Clarke, Heather Naylor, Meghan MacKenzie, Sarah Burgess, Stacey MacAulay,  Andrew J Flewelling

In 2020, a Maritimes-based research group set out to assess the prevalence of burnout among hospital pharmacists across the country. To see how Canadian hospital pharmacists are doing, view the study by clicking here.

“May You Live in Interesting Times”: Minimizing Contributors to Pharmacist Burnout

By: Glen Brown

This editorial suggests ways that hospital pharmacists can avoid burnout, turning interesting times into positive experiences rather than negative ones. To read CJHP Associate Editor Dr. Glen Brown’s thoughts, click here.  

Pharmacists Are Medication Stewards

By: Cynthia A Jackevicius

Finally, in this editorial by Cynthia A. Jackevicius, Associate Editor of CJHP, she asserts that pharmacists should empower themselves not only to be recognized as the most reliable medication experts but also to embrace their responsibility as stewards of medications. Read her thoughts here

Here's to all of the incredibly educational articles that CJHP published in 2023, and for an even more riveting set of issues in 2022.

December 21, 2023
Top CJHP reads of 2023

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CPRB News - December 2023

December 20, 2023

Outgoing and New CPRB Members

The Canadian Pharmacy Residency  Board (CPRB) graciously thanks Dr. Henry Halapy for his important contribution to the CPRB during his 6-year mandate on the Board. Henry was instrumental in updating the Standards, continuously improving the Pharmacy Residency Application and Matching Service (PRAMS), and for the development of the Ranges of Contexts and Activities and Expected Levels of Performance for Residents in Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency Programs document.  He will be greatly missed, in particular for his wisdom and great kindness.  Henry will continue to contribute to the CPRB as a member of the Standards Group and the Surveyor Group. 

The Board is very happy to welcome two new members: Dr. Erika MacDonald (The Ottawa Hospital) and Dr. Rhonda Roedler (Alberta Health Services). 

Membres sortants et nouveaux membres

Le Conseil canadien de résidence en pharmacie (CCRP) remercie chaleureusement Dr. Henry Halapy pour son importante contribution au CCRP lors des 6 ans de son mandat sur le Conseil.  Henry était instrumental pour la mise à jour des Normes d’agrément, l’amélioration continue du service de jumelage des résidents (PRAMS), et pour le développement du document Ranges of Contexts and Activities and Expected Levels of Performance for Residents in Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency Programs.  Il nous manquera beaucoup, en particulier pour sa sagesse et sa grande gentillesse.  Henry continuera à contribuer au CCRP en tant que membre du Groupe des Normes d’agrément et du Groupe des évaluateurs. 

Le Conseil est heureux d’accueillir deux nouveaux membres : Dre. Erika MacDonald (L’Hôpital d’Ottawa) et Dre. Rhonda Roedler (Alberta Health Services). 

December 20, 2023
CPRB News - December 2023

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Student Member Stories: Al-Amin Ahamed

December 19, 2023

About Al-Amin

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them
School, Program & Year: University of Toronto, PharmD, fourth year 
Social media: alamin225 on Instagram, Al-Amin Ahamed on LinkedIn

What is enticing to you about hospital pharmacy?

The ability to leverage our clinical skills more broadly and directly in hospital pharmacy is really enticing me. Seeing the extent and scope of our knowledge first hand in the hospital environment is not only rewarding but validating. Hospital pharmacy also gives us the opportunity to work more collaboratively in an inter-professional environment which I think is super important to maintain and prioritize the holistic healing of a patient.

What drew you to join CSHP as a student?

CSHP is a leader in advocacy and outreach. I was so amazed at all the unique services, projects, committees, and professional development opportunities that CSHP continues to provide. As a pharmacy student, CSHP uniquely allows us to network and explore hospital pharmacy beyond the classroom and nurtures the skills required to succeed in the environment.

How do you see yourself reflected by CSHP?

The many opportunities to get involved and contribute as a student or professional is a means of self reflection. The innate opportunity to contribute to hospital pharmacy at every aspect of the pharmacy journey has been great. Whether it be conferences, journal clubs, national and local committees, residency roadmaps, CSHP has taken every opportunity to involve and include students in their advocacy, projects, and professional development.

Have you ever attended or presented at a CSHP event?

I have had the opportunity to attend the CSHP OB Annual Conference in Toronto in 2022. The experience was so enlightening and hopeful. Seeing the amazing work that pharmacy professionals are contributing toward the advancement of healthcare practice and delivery is inspiring.

What is one CSHP resource or benefit that you couldn’t live without?

The residency roadmap is such a helpful resource in building confidence and preparing students for hospital residency interviews and applications. The ability to get direct feedback and practice interviews is so helpful and a highlight of just one of the amazing resources CSHP provides for its constituents.

What is one piece of advice you give soon-to-be pharmacy students?

Be a sponge. Absorb as much learning as you can in a wide variety of fields and topics. Pharmacy is growing and expanding so quickly. Be open to new opportunities, experiences, and failures as they are essential toward your growth and development as a healthcare professional.

Want to share your student story?
Tell us about yourself here for a chance to be featured.

December 19, 2023
Student Member Stories: Al-Amin Ahamed

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Apply Now for the 2024 Pharmacy Leadership Academy Scholarship

November 15, 2023


2024 Pharmacy Leadership Academy Scholarship

The CSHP Foundation is committed to offering educational opportunities that develop Canada’s hospital pharmacy leaders using innovative, evidence-based methods. The Pharmacy Leadership Academy® (PLA) is a 12-month on-line integrated program offered by the ASHP Foundation that will appeal to Canadian hospital pharmacy leaders or those aspiring to leadership positions who want additional training. 

This scholarship is for the July 14, 2024, program start date and is valued at $5,000 CDN towards the PLA tuition fee. Application information for the CSHP Foundation scholarship is available at CSHP Foundation.

Further information on the ASHP PLA program is available at

The ASHP Pharmacy Leadership Academy has the following program objectives: 

  1. Provide a curriculum that enhances leadership competency and tackles contemporary issues in healthcare.
  2. Provide leadership education in a graduate credit-worthy platform applicable to practitioners in small to large hospitals and health systems. 
  3. Provide integrated, real-world pharmacy case studies to highlight and amplify critical thinking, integration of ideas and perspectives.
  4. Incorporate mentorship into the fabric of the program. 
  5. Maximize distance education of qualified persons through an advanced Learning Management System and technologies.


  1. Submit an ASHP Foundation Pharmacy Leadership Academy application by February 1, 2024.
    • ASHP will accept applications until March 31, 2024. However, to be considered for the CSHP Foundation Scholarship you must apply to the ASHP Foundation by February 1, 2024, to ensure notification of acceptance to the PLA program prior to submitting your CSHP Scholarship application.
  2. Submit a CSHP Foundation scholarship application with required documents by March 13, 2024.

The successful CSHP Foundation PLA Scholarship applicant will be notified by April 30, 2024.


January 29, 2024
Apply Now for the 2024 Pharmacy Leadership Academy Scholarship

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2022-23 Year 1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Award winners announced

December 7, 2023


CSHP celebrates the 2022-23 Year 1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Award winners!

These awards, sponsored by Pfizer, recognize year 1 pharmacy practice residents whose major projects demonstrated significant innovation, practical application, and/or development in an institutional pharmacy practice setting. Winners receive a $1,000 cash prize.

 Meet this year's Y1 winners and learn more about these awards by clicking here

December 12, 2023
2022-23 Year 1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Award Winners announced

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Advocacy in Action: December 5

December 5, 2023

What's happened

November 22, Choosing Wisely Canada Consultation 

CSHP provided feedback on Choosing Wisely Canada’s clinical biochemistry recommendations which will ultimately be released in early 2024 by the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists.   

November 27, Drug Shortages Expert Review Panel

CPO Rita Dhami officially joined a panel of experts representing various pharmacy sectors that will be contributing to a CIHR-funded project. This collaborative initiative is led by the University of Toronto, Health Canada, and CADTH, with the goal of creating a systematic, adaptable, transparent, and regularly updated national list of at-risk medicines. 

November 30, Natural Health Products Consultation 

CSHP is providing ongoing feedback on the first round of new and updated natural health product monographs as part of the implementation of the new Natural Health Product (NHP) labelling initiative. This Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directoriate (NNHPD) led project is currently in its first round of consultations where CSHP is focused on accessing the accuracy, conciseness, and consistency of statements in their monographs. 

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages Meetings

CSHP is continuing to monitor these ongoing drug shortages:

  • Nov 16: Tier Assignment Committee –  Lidocaine/Bupivicaine (with and without Epinephrine)
  • Nov 22: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Shortages of Amoxicillin
  • Dec. 1: Multi-Stakeholder Call –  Lidocaine/Bupivicaine (with and without Epinephrine)

What's happening

December 5, Multilateral Meeting with Health Canada / Marketed Health Products Directorate

The CSHP Executive team, alongside our partners at A.P.E.S. and several other key stakeholders, will be participating in a multilateral meeting with Health Canada. This meeting will provide us with updates from the various divisions of Health Canada including the Marketed Health Products Branch, Pharmaceutical Drugs Directorate, and Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate.

December 15, Consultation Canadian Council of Accreditation for Pharmacy Programs – Pharmacy technicians    

CSHP was invited to consult and provide feedback on the Canadian Council of Accreditation for Pharmacy Programs’ first draft on their updated standards for pharmacy technicians programs.  

What's worth repeating

October, Health Canada consultation on the Handbook for healthcare professionals on biosimilar biologic drugs

Professional Practice Specialist Kiet-Nghi Cao joined a working group of subject matter consultants from across the country to help with the development of a Health Canada handbook focused on informing and educating healthcare professionals on biosimilars. The guidelines will provide background on the immunogenicity of biosimilars, details on authorization, accessibility, and monitoring of them, and includes example case studies. This handbook is now available and can be found here

To catch up on CSHP advocacy news, click here.

Have a question about Advocacy in Action or CSHP's advocacy and consultation work?
Reach out to our professional practice team!   

December 05, 2023
Advocacy in Action: December 5

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Call for expressions of interest – Sustainability Implementation Task Force

December 5, 2023 

CSHP is committed to supporting and advocating on behalf of the profession to make pharmacy’s voice heard and stimulate action in areas that require multi-agency or systemic change as it pertains to Climate Change and Sustainability in pharmacy practice.

In February 2023, CSHP struck a Sustainability Task Force to research and identify specific goals and deliverables for CSHP to work on to address climate change.  This task force delivered a comprehensive list of recommendations for CSHP and the Board struck another Task Force to implement these recommendations.

If you are, or know someone, who has knowledge and expertise in one or more of the following areas, please email Professional Practice at your Curriculum Vitae (CV), and a letter of intent (max. 500 words) describing your experience, by close of business on Tuesday, December 19, 2023

  • Qualifications, existing role, or knowledge in relevant sustainability fields or providing specialist sustainability services to healthcare organizations.
  • Good understanding on how hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare systems operate and are compliant with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, technical guidance for environmental sustainability matters.
  • Experience engaging in initiatives from conception through to implementation
  • Experience working with networks of key or influential stakeholders relevant to sustainability and social value.
  • Knowledge of pharmacy technician practice.

We are looking for pharmacy professionals from all practice settings and with various levels of experience!

CSHP is committed to ensuring that our task forces and committees represent the full diversity of our members. Please feel free to indicate if you belong to an equity-deserving group, as this will be taken into consideration with all expressions of interest.
View the Terms of Reference for the Sustainability Implementation Task Force here

December 05, 2023
Call for expressions of interest – Sustainability Implementation Task Force

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Call for nominations: President Elect and Treasurer

Dec 1, 2023

The CSHP Nominating Committee, chaired by Dr. Sean Spina, is seeking nominations for
President Elect
(Term:  1 year - 3 years total as Presidential Officer)

Treasurer (Finance Liaison Portfolio)
(Term: *3 years as Executive Officer)

For information on the criteria and competencies for the position and to obtain a nomination form, please click here.

If you would like additional information about either position, please contact Sean Spina at

Please send nomination forms to Hira Tauqeer at

Deadline for submission of nominations:
Friday, January 19, 2024
December 01, 2023
Call for nominations: President Elect and Treasurer

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Call for poster abstract reviewers: Professional Practice Conference 2024

November 28, 2023

Volunteering as a poster reviewer is an opportunity to help the Society and your fellow members by providing valuable feedback and supporting high quality research. Abstracts will be assigned to reviewers in mid-January, with about 3 weeks allotted for review. 

Abstract reviewers must be current CSHP members. To volunteer as a reviewer, please contact practice@cshp.caThank you for contributing your time and expertise to the CSHP community!  

Call for poster abstracts for PPC 2024

Do you have a research project that you'd like to present as a poster at PPC? Poster abstract submissions are now open. Click here for more details.

November 28, 2023
Call for poster abstract reviewers: PPC 2024

Latest News

Call for poster abstracts: Professional Practice Conference 2024

November 27, 2023

CSHP's Professional Practice Conference will be held April 19-21st, 2024 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  As we gear up for this hybrid gathering, we're calling for poster abstract submissions from the CSHP community. Poster presentations are an integral part of the conference experience, and an opportunity to share your work with attendees across Canada. Last year, the Together Conference in Banff featured 50+ posters with a wide range of the latest topics in hospital pharmacy research. The deadline for abstract submissions is December 22, 2023 at 16:00 ET 

Submit your proposal

Please carefully review the instructions below; only abstracts that meet these requirements for formatting and submission will be considered. 

Poster abstract guidelines for PPC 2024


Authors must specify the category that best suits their abstract. Abstracts will be judged according to the category specified by authors upon submission.

  1. Original Research (includes Pharmaceutical/Basic Science, Clinical Research, Drug Use Evaluations, Systematic Reviews with or without Meta-Analysis, Pharmacoeconomics Analysis, etc.)
  2. Pharmacy Practice (includes Administration Projects, Health Professional Education, Medication Safety Initiatives, etc.)
  3. Case Reports

Abstract style rules

Abstracts that do not adhere to the following rules will be rejected. 


  • Should be brief and clearly indicate the nature of the presentation
  • Use title-style capitalization (i.e., capitalize only the first letter of each word of the title except for minor words, unless it is the first word of the title; do not capitalize prepositions)
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Do not place a period at the end
  • Do not write out numerals 


  • List the authors as “last name + initials” (e.g., “Lee K, Patel L, Smith J”) under the title, with superscript numbers linked to affiliation notes
  • Institutional affiliation, city, and province should be listed under the list of authors with corresponding footnotes identifying author affiliation(s)
  • When there is more than one superscript number for an author with multiple affiliations, the superscript numbers should be separated by commas only (no spaces)
  • Put department/faculty first, then institution name
  • Present affiliations with city and two-letter provincial abbreviations
  • For affiliations outside of Canada, include name of country
  • Omit degrees, titles, and appointments
  • Please underline the name of the author who will present the poster if accepted

Body and headings

Organize the body of the abstract using the exact headings outlined below for the selected category. Use bold for paragraph headings, add a colon after paragraph headings, and capitalize the second word in a two-word heading, such as “Literature Review”. Please note that studies with multiple outcomes must be presented in the same poster. Do not report individual outcomes from the same study data in separate posters.

  • Original Research:
    • Background: Briefly describe the rationale for the study
    • Objective(s): Include the main study objective(s)
    • Methods: Include study design, methods, intervention, and statistical analysis
    • Results: Provide main results
    • Conclusion(s): Include the main conclusion and interpretation of the results which are supported by the data provided
  • Case Reports:
    • Background: Briefly describe the rationale for the case report
    • Case Description: Provide details of the case. Enough details should be provided to clearly outline the case and support the assessment of causality
    • Assessment of Causality: Case reports of suspected adverse drug reactions should report on causality using a causality assessment tool such as the Naranjo scale. If the case report does not involve an adverse drug reaction, the authors should still articulate the association between the therapy and the observed outcome
    • Literature Review: Briefly examine current literature relating to or surrounding the case report
    • Importance to Practitioners: Briefly describe implications/importance of the case report to pharmacy practitioners
  • Pharmacy Practice:
    • Background: Briefly describe the background and rationale for service, program, problem, need, etc.
    • Description: Describe the concept, service, role, or situation
    • Action: Describe the steps taken to identify and resolve a problem(s), implement change, or develop and implement the new program
    • Evaluation: Describe the evaluation process of the project and results of evaluation
    • Implications: Describe the concept’s importance and usefulness to current and/or future practice

Abstract text

  • Abstract body (not including title and authors) is limited to 300 words. This includes the required section headings as outlined above. Any abstract that exceeds the word count will be rejected.
  • Each table is equivalent to 30 words.
  • Each graphic is equivalent to 60 words.
  • Results or evaluation must be included in the abstract. It is not acceptable to state that results will be discussed. Abstracts doing so will be rejected.
  • Do not indent the start of a paragraph.
  • Place abbreviations in parentheses after the full word or phrase upon first mention. Please keep abbreviated terms to a minimum.
  • Use numerals to indicate numbers, except at the beginning of sentences.
  • Use only generic names of drugs, material, devices, and equipment.
  • Do not include citations, reference numbers, or reference lists.

Submission instructions

  • Authors must submit TWO copies of their abstract – one original copy (for inclusion in the conference program) and one blinded copy (for review purposes)
  • Please ensure that the following steps are taken for the blinded copy:
    • Author names, location, and affiliations are removed
    • The abstract (including the title and body) should not contain any identifying information, such as the geographic location, authors, programs, or institutions of origin
  • Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically as a file in MS Word format
  • The two MS Word files must be named according to the following convention:
    • Blinded copy: First three words of the title_Submitter's last name_Blinded 
    • Unblinded copy: First three words of the title_Submitter's last name_Unblinded

Only abstracts that meet these requirements for formatting and submission will be considered.

November 24, 2023
Call for poster abstracts: Professional Practice Conference 2024

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In Memoriam: Tribute to Kevin Hall

November 23, 2023

A tribute to Kevin Hall 

Kevin Hall

BScPhm, PharmD, FCSHP
October 18, 1954 – November 14, 2023

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) and the pharmacy world have lost a great leader, visionary, and influential force with the passing of Kevin Hall BScPhm, PharmD, FCSHP on November 14, 2023.  Kevin was notably active at the branch and national levels of CSHP from his early beginnings as a Clinical Pharmacist at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre to when he later became Regional Director of Pharmacy in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

The pharmacy services at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, and Winnipeg Health Region were recognized as benefiting from great leadership in providing an optimal pharmacy service and, consequently, by invitation, Kevin performed numerous operational reviews of pharmacy services in large hospitals across the country. 

After serving as the President of the Manitoba Branch of CSHP, Kevin actively engaged as the Manitoba Branch Delegate to CSHP Council and followed as its National President in 1986-87.  Kevin remained extremely active in the affairs of CSHP in his Past President’s role and later assumed the position of Chair of the CSHP Research and Education Foundation.  The Foundation was rejuvenated under Kevin’s leadership, increasing its visibility and fundraising capability. The title of Managing Editor, Hospital Pharmacy Survey (Lilly Survey), was held by Kevin, in 2005, after serving nearly 10 years as a member of its Editorial Board.  As a CSHP member at large, Kevin was a popular speaker at numerous CSHP conferences sharing influential strategies for growth of the profession.

Kevin did not limit his expertise and knowledge to the hospital sector of pharmacy alone. He served as President of the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) in 1994-95 and CPhA Delegate to the Council of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).  Kevin was recognized by his peers as the recipient of numerous awards. CPhA bestowed upon Kevin the CPhA Meritorious Service Award and the Centennial Pharmacist Award. Through CSHP, he was honoured with the Distinguished Service Award and Fellow status. 

Kevin was a valuable resource for positively influencing the newcomers to the pharmacy profession.  In addition to training and mentoring pharmacy residents at his institution, Kevin was an active lecturer, sessional instructor and assistant professor to undergraduate pharmacy students at the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba.  Kevin, the educator, last taught as Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  

There is no doubt that Kevin’s passion for pharmacy and his influence left a huge footprint on the profession.

But there was more to Kevin than the pharmacist persona he portrayed so well.  Kevin was an avid golfer and a socially engaging friend to so many.  Good food and fine wine were enjoyed by Kevin and his wife Anita, and together, they travelled the world. Simply put, Kevin Hall was just a great guy and he will be missed.

Submitted by Linda Poloway, CSHP President - 2000 to 2001

CSHP remembers Kevin Hall

"I appreciated his visionary leadership in healthcare practice & our volunteer HPC Board work, significant contributions to the profession, & his down-to-earth style of communication which set people at ease and helped us find a way out of challenging situations. Gone too soon. Condolences to his wife, family & friends."  - Doug Doucette

"Kevin’s passing is a great loss to the profession and especially to members of the board, past and present, who have had the great chance to work with Kevin. I will always remember the wonderful welcome I received from him when I first started with the board. As a new head of pharmacy and new board member, I was quite intimidated by Kevin’s accomplishments and reputation. This all dissipated quickly when he came to sit with me at our first board meeting supper at the famed Milcroft. His very genuine, human approach (or even "fatherly" approach) calmed my fears and made my integration smooth. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but will always remember how he made me feel
." -  André Bonnici

"I had the privilege of knowing Kevin in 1996 when I joined the editorial board of the Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Report. Visionary, altruistic, open, involved, rigorous, interested in others, he opened the doors to the rest of the country for me... when you are a French-speaking Quebecer! May the history of pharmacy remember the contribution of this exceptional pharmacist. An exhibition on the history of pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Montreal will highlight his contribution in the fall of 2024. I lost a colleague, but above all, a friend. Have a good trip." -  Jean-Francois Bussières

"I met Kevin at the Harrison Conference, where he presented on the ‘Lily Survey.’  He showed great kindness, and I appreciated hearing his stories during the Harrison dinners. He was a remarkably knowledgeable and delightful person. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family." - Bal Dhillon

"This is truly sad news. I remember him for his kindness and his smile" -  Debbie Merrill

Offer condolences and memories here

November 23, 2023
In Memoriam: Kevin Hall

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2023 AGM Weekend Recap – Meet the new CSHP President, Board members and task forces! 

November 7, 2023
From October 20 to 22, CSHP held Board meetings and its Annual General Meeting in Montréal.
Throughout the weekend Board members, Executive members, Branch presidents, and CSHP staff had plenty of discussions on priority topics for CSHP and hospital pharmacy. Keep reading to learn what happened! 


Board of Directors changes


The Board saw a few changes over AGM weekend. Very notable was the departure of CSHP National Board of Directors stalwart, Zack Dumont; he took his final bows after more than a decade of demanding work on the Board of Directors- and Saskatchewan Branch leadership before that. Throughout his tenure, Zack has touched everything from a pharmacy technician task force to being an expert and speaker for CSHP’s Hospital Pharmacy 101 to being a co-chair of the Vision for the Hospital Pharmacy Profession Task Force, and much more. His dedication and knowledge on top of his unprecedented two-year presidency where he led CSHP through a time of uncertainty. CSHP is incredibly grateful to Zack who remains committed to CSHP with his presence on committees, serving as Saskatchewan Branch’s secretary and, as of AGM weekend, as a proud CSHP Fellow! 

Other moves on the Board include Sean Spina taking up the Past President mantle after leading CSHP through the end of the 2020-2023 strategic plan. Ashley Walus was promoted to the President position where she will be focused on incorporating CSHP’s vision for hospital pharmacy into the next strategic plan. Katie Hollis officially stepped into her role as President-Elect. As for representation from the Branches, CSHP bid adieu to the now-former New Brunswick Delegate Chantal Michaud along with former Student Delegate Abby Krupski and then welcomed New Brunswick’s new delegate Timothy MacLaggan and Student Delegate Jacqueline Tian-Tran from the University of Saskatchewan.


Task forces

Vision for the Hospital Pharmacy Profession Task Force
The Vision for the Hospital Pharmacy Profession Task Force crafted 12 outstanding vision statements unanimously approved by the Board. They are as follows:

  1. Pharmacy professionals engage in shared decision-making to provide evidence-informed care that incorporates patients' values, needs, and preferences.
  2. Pharmacy professionals provide equitable, culturally appropriate care tailored to the populations they serve. 
  3. Pharmacy professionals collaborate to address patients' medication needs across the continuum of care.  
  4. Pharmacy professionals engage patients and their caregivers in managing the patient's health and wellness. 
  5. Pharmacy professionals optimize patient care by practicing with their full and expanding scope of responsibilities. 
  6. Pharmacy professionals develop and maintain leadership skills to benefit their patients, themselves, and the profession. 
  7. Pharmacy professionals meet complex practice needs in healthcare systems by engaging in formal training opportunities, including specialization and credentialling. 
  8. Pharmacy professionals are engaged in the education and mentorship of peers, future hospital pharmacy professionals, and other health care providers. 
  9. Pharmacy professionals pursue innovative solutions to improve access and provide care to patients in the most appropriate location, which may include their homes or local communities. 
  10. Pharmacy professionals lead quality improvement and research initiatives with a focus on medication use, pharmacy practice, and resource allocation. 
  11. Pharmacy professionals lead and implement rational medication use practices that are fiscally and environmentally sustainable. 
  12. Pharmacy professionals promote diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging, both within the pharmacy profession and the broader healthcare system. 

In a task force led by Co-Chairs Zack Dumont and Mary Gunther, these statements were narrowed down over a three-round process through a Delphi panel. On this panel, there were representatives from patient advocacy, IPPC, APES, CAPSI, Technicians, AFPC, 2SLGBTQA+ advocacy, and, for the first time, patients.  

With these statements agreed upon by the Board, this task force has been dissolved and will be replaced with a Vision Implementation Task Force. This new task force will concentrate on a plan to put the proposed work into practice in line with the approved vision statements.

Sustainability Task force
The Sustainability Task Force produced a set of short-term and long-term recommendations covering various aspects of CSHP work. This work will include: 

  • Advocacy & partnership 
  • Education 
  • Policy and procedure development 
  • Research and quality improvement 
  • Branding.

These recommendations advocate to Accreditation Canada, NAPRA, plus federal and provincial governments for the inclusion of environmental sustainability criteria, standards, and practices.  

They also plan for the creation of a planetary health education series, guideline development for sustainable conferences, and establishing a dedicated sustainability section on the CSHP website.  

This task force was also dissolved and is being replaced by a Sustainability Implementation Task Force. With several fresh faces on board, the new task force will be putting these approved recommendations into action.

The cornerstone of progress

On top of these changes, Board members and Branch presidents were able to take in highly anticipated updates from CSHP’s Year in Review. Topping out the list was continuous membership growth and brand-new non-dues revenue sources. The Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Survey Report is now more accessible than ever through multiple webinars, conference sessions, etc. Hospital Pharmacy 101 program sales continue to climb. These and other promising developments will be presented in CSHP’s upcoming 2022-23 Annual Report – so stay tuned to see how the past year has set the stage for great things from CSHP! 

November 07, 2023
2023 AGM Weekend Recap – Meet the new CSHP President, Board members and task forces!

Latest News

Advocacy in Action: November 7

November 7, 2023

What's happened

October 16, CSHP-CASCADES Exploring Collaboration Opportunities on Sustainability in Hospital Pharmacy 

After the successful launch of the Playbook on Climate Resilient, Low Carbon Sustainable Pharmacy with CSHP as a proud collaborator, Professional Practice team met with CASCADES to explore further potential collaborations focusing on sustainability practices in hospital pharmacy.

October 24, Mohawk-Medbuy Presentation on Sustainability in Hospital Pharmacy

CPO Rita Dhami attended the annual Pharmacy Committee Meeting at Mohawk-Medbuy where she shared recommendations from the CSHP Sustainability Task Force. Rita also highlighted the opportunities hospital pharmacy's clinical and operations teams can take to integrate sustainable considerations into procurement and practices. 

October, Health Canada consultation on the Handbook for healthcare professionals on biosimilar biologic drugs 

Professional Practice Specialist Kiet-Nghi Cao joined a working group of subject matter consultants from across the country to help with the development of a Health Canada handbook focused on informing and educating healthcare professionals on biosimilars. The guidelines will provide background on the immunogenicity of biosimilars, details on authorization, accessibility, and monitoring of them, and includes example case studies. This handbook is due to be released next month. 

Ongoing, Health Canada Drug Shortages Meetings

CSHP is continuing to monitor these ongoing drug shortages:


  • Oct 16: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Supply disruptions of Ozempic 
  • Oct 18: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Shortages of Amoxicillin oral 
  • Oct 27: Multi-Stakeholder Call – Supply disruptions of Ozempic
  • Nov 1: Clinical Stakeholders Call – Supply disruptions of Ozempic 
  • Nov 2: Tier Assignment Committee – Review of de-escalation of Erwinase 

What's worth repeating

October 5, Roundtable on Meeting of the Health Product Supply Chain Advisory Committee 

The Drug Shortages Task Force, including Rita and Assistant Deputy Minister Stefania Trombetti, met for a roundtable discussion. Deputy Minister Trombetti provided stakeholders with an overview of the consultation results on public drug shortages and informed committee members that Health Canada would develop a summary 'What we heard' document that would be shared with them soon.  

October 6, Collaboration on a National ‘At-Risk Medicines’ List   

As part of a CIHR-funded project with Health Canada and CADTH, Rita will join an expert panel to develop a national at-risk medicine list. 

To catch up on CSHP advocacy news, click here.

Have a question about Advocacy in Action or CSHP's advocacy and consultation work?
Reach out to our professional practice team!   

November 07, 2023
Advocacy in Action: November 7

Education Spotlight - Souzi Badr

October 24, 2023 

Souzi Badr, BScPhm, PharmD, ACPR
CSHP Foundation Education Grant Recipient

“The ENHANCE-AC program aims to provide pharmacists and pharmacy learners with the knowledge, skills, and judgement to safely manage patients’ anticoagulation while in hospital.”

Souzi was a 2017 CSHP Foundation Education Grant Recipient in the amount of $5,500

Co-applicants: Laura Murphy, Amita Woods, Larissa Boychuk, Emily Ching, Jacqui Herbert, Lynda Mao and Laura Marcus
Current ENHANCE-AC leadership team: Souzi Badr, Larissa Boychuk, and Kori Leblanc

Project Summary
ENgaging pHarmacists to AdvaNce Competency through Education in AntiCoagulation (ENHANCE-AC) is an e-learning program developed at the University Health Network (UHN) that focuses on the management of anticoagulation in the hospital setting and is comprised of four main courses: i) Warfarin Management, ii) Atrial Fibrillation, iii) Venous Thromboembolism, and iv) Management of Bleeding. 

Each course aims to build on pharmacists’ foundational knowledge and skills, with the AF and VTE courses delving further into complex cases such as the anticoagulant management of patients with renal insufficiency, obesity, acute coronary syndrome, or stroke. 

ENHANCE-AC uses e-learning modules for self-directed learning, virtual interactive cases (VIC cases), and print resources. Elements such as multiple-choice and true-false questions allow for self-assessment of comprehension. The VIC cases are simulated, depicting real-world scenarios and require learners to think critically, problem-solve, and develop their decision-making skills. 

What gap did you see in your practice that led to this project? 
When patients are admitted to hospital, changes in clinical status, renal function, medications, and other comorbidities can influence the selection or dosing of an anticoagulant. In addition, the anticoagulation landscape is ever-evolving.  Establishing and maintaining pharmacist knowledge and confidence is central to improving the safety of anticoagulation use and improving patient outcomes. 

Prior to ENHANCE-AC, training resources were paper-based and time consuming, requiring several one-on-one meetings with an experienced pharmacist to review examples and real-life cases. 

We recognized an opportunity to build a model that would result in active learning for more individuals. Additionally, with the increasing use of direct oral anticoagulants and the indication for heparin or low molecular weight heparins in many patient-case scenarios, it was important for our education program to consider all anticoagulation options.   

How will this project impact pharmacy practice and/or care of patients?
This educational program will provide individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage anticoagulation in the hospital setting. This foundation will allow pharmacists and pharmacy learners to take a more proactive approach to managing anticoagulation in hospital inpatients, ultimately improving patient safety and care. 

What did you learn that you weren’t expecting? 
What did you learn that you weren’t expecting? We gained an appreciation for the level of upkeep that a multi-faceted educational program requires. With rapidly evolving evidence, having a process to continually review and update content is important for ensuring the program remains relevant, sustainable, and updatable as technology advances. 

Where should people go to learn more about this topic if they are interested? 
Individuals interested in learning more are welcome to contact me at This training program could not have been achieved without the support of content contributors from within UHN and across Canada. We also thank the CSHP Foundation and UHN for their financial support. 

The role of the hospital pharmacist is changing; research and education will support the change.

CSHP Foundation grant and scholarship recipients are changing the face of pharmacy practice. 
Find out more at

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October 24, 2023
Education Spotlight - Souzi Badr

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