Compounding Briefing Series

Compounding Briefing Series

The Compounding Briefing Series equips you with the key tools you need for ensuring safe, high-quality compounding in your healthcare facility. Ideal for trainees or anyone looking for a succinct overview of sterile compounding best practices, this series is designed to give you easy-to-use, action-oriented resources to support your work.

Created by the Compounding Steering Committee, these documents reflects CSHP's values of collaboration and shared expertise. We're proud to present practical resources to support your commitment to patient safety. 

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Building a culture of safety for compounding

This first section of the Compounding Briefing Series recommends best practices for creating a culture of safety for compounding in your organization. You'll find guidelines for promoting quality management, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Environmental monitoring

Here you'll find information on the importance of environmental monitoring during sterile compounding, including details on how to monitor the compounding environment and how to report your findings. 

Fostering team accountability

This document examines the ways in which individuals' and teams' attitudes, observations, and actions contribute to promoting high-quality sterile compounding.

Latex allergy primer

A useful resource for anyone handling latex in a healthcare setting, this section provides an overview of foundational knowledge for understanding latex allergy and promoting safer healthcare environments.

Preventing and managing exposure to latex allergens

Here you'll find recommended practices for managing latex in a healthcare setting, including guidance on identifying persons at risk of latex allergy, identifying latex-safe products, preparing latex-safe medications.


This resource recommends actions to minimize risk when procuring products and services related to sterile compounding, covering topics such as safely transporting equipment and outsourcing services.