Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Zone

Inpatient Pharmacy Department
Royal Alexandra Hospital
10240 Kingsway Ave
Edmonton, AB, T5H 3V9

Director: Dr. Tania Mysak, BSP, PharmD
Director, Practice, AHS Pharmacy Services
Phone: 780-735-0770

Ms. Melanie Danilak, BSc.Pharm, ACPR, MEd 
Clinical Practice Leader
Phone: 780-407-1039


Type: General
Established in: 1996
# Positions: 3-4
App. deadline: October 15, 2018 - 5:00 p.m. EST
Starting date: July 2, 2019 (Not flexible)
Additional PRAMS requirements to complete the Pharmacy Residency Application and Matching Service (PRAMS) application: Email Connie Jones, in 250 words or less, outlining the factors that lead you to decide to apply to the Edmonton Zone residency program by the Pharmacy Residency Application Matching Service (PRAMS) deadline.
Est. stipend: approximately $50, 000 per annum
Benefits: Yes
Vacation/holiday leave: 10 paid days
Education/conference leave: Budget and time provided to support residents to attend conferences will be reviewed each year
Minimum required credentials: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy & licensure in Alberta

Program highlights: General residency program involving rotations in drug information, distribution, administration and clinical rotations such as internal medicine, critical care, infectious disease, neurology, pediatrics, ambulatory care, geriatrics, HIV, psychiatry, cardiology, and women’s health. As this is a regional program, rotations may be offered at any of the 8 hospital sites. Residents must also complete a project during the year.

Required Rotations (duration; site choices): Rotations offer the residents experience at 5 of the hospitals within the city of Edmonton. Distribution (2 weeks; UAH, RAH, MCH, GNH), Administration (2 week; SSP and various sites), Drug Information (2 weeks; Regional DI Center UAH), Undergraduate Clinical Precepting (4 weeks), Internal Medicine (6 weeks; UAH, RAH or, GNH), Specialty Age Population, Geriatrics or Pediatrics (4weeks; UAH,MCH, RAH or GRH) Cardiology (4 weeks; UAH RAH,MCH), Infectious Disease (4 weeks; UAH or RAH), Ambulatory Care (4 weeks; UAH, GRH, GNH or RAH),Critical Care (4 weeks; UAH, GNH or RAH), Residency research project (9 weeks).

Elective Rotations: Chosen based on interests of the resident and the availability of the rotations. There is enough time allotted to allow for one to two elective rotations of 4 weeks duration. The rotations listed below are a summary of available rotation sites at the present time. There is a possibility that additional rotation sites may open up with the addition of new practice areas.

  • Cardiology Clinics (UAH)
    • Risk Reduction
    • Heart & Lung Transplant
    • Heart Function
    • Hypertension
    • Cardiac EASE
  • Anticoagulation (UAH)
  • HIV Clinic (UAH)
  • Homecare (RAH or GNH)
  • Nephrology (UAH)
  • Neurology (UAH)
  • Psychiatry (MCH or GNH)
  • Palliative Care (UAH)
  • Surgery (RAH)
  • Pediatric Oncology (UAH)
  • Critical Care Elective 
    • Pediatric or Neonatal Intensive Care (UAH or RAH)
    • ICU or CCU (UAH, GNH or RAH)

Other external rotations can be set up based on interest of the resident.


Type: Alberta Pharmacy Practice Residency Program-Edmonton Zone
Number of beds: 2022 (excludes long term care)
Sites: Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH), University of Alberta Hospital (UAH), Misericordia Community Hospital (MCH), Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (GRH), Grey Nuns Community Hospital (GNH)


Steven Quan
Jackson Stewart
Pawandeep Gill
Sahiba Khurana

Jenna Smith
Ashwin Bhat
Binh Nguyen
Alyssa Schmode

Dania Al-Ani
Jay Mutch
Lydia Cheung

Caitlyn Thomson
June Chen
Allison Mejilla
Daniel Zhou

Monika Bolina
Tasia KarisAllen
Vaninder Sidhu

Darlene Korn
Taryn Heck
Erin Woods

Jade Basaraba
Michelle Berresheim
Kevin Tam