Announcing ‘Excellence Express: Issue No. 1’

By: Amanda Iannaccio

The CSHP Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy program is pleased to announce the launch of its new electronic newsletter, Excellence Express. The first issue has been posted on the CSHP website.

Learn about CSHP’s contributions to the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign, our progress on creating realistic targets to meet our priority theme measures, and more.

Stay up-to-date on how the Excellence program is moving forward. Find out:
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        •  Survey Results                                               • Targets for priority themes
    • Choosing Wisely Canada                           • PPC 2019 (February 2-5)

Excellence Checklist. Have you...

  • Read through the survey results, ‘What Patients and Members Told Us about Patient Care’?
  • Committed to Excellence?
  • Brought Excellence into your pharmacy practice?

Patients are our focus!