Call for Writers and Reviewers

Interested in learning more about writing or reviewing CSHP Official Publications?

1. Who writes or reviews CSHP Official Publications?

A small group of CSHP members volunteers to write and review CSHP Official Publications as a development team. This team works under the supervision of the P3SC, who receives its direction from the CSHP Board. The Coordinator of Professional and Membership Affairs works directly with the development team and the P3SC.

2. Why join a team of writers and reviewers?

Joining a team of writers and reviewers gives you a chance to:

  • Share your practice expertise and knowledge with others
  • Influence and advance the practice of pharmacy across Canada and internationally
  • Learn more about a particular area of practice by working with a team of writers and reviewers

3. What if you have little or no experience in writing guidelines or papers such as policies and procedures?

CSHP national staff supports all writers, even if you have little or no experience in writing CSHP Official Publications or other similar papers. This is a chance for you to gain that experience! CSHP provides support to guide writers and reviewers through the writing process and our copyeditor is very familiar with our processes and publications. Furthermore, all publications are reviewed by the P3SC to ensure consistency in messaging and content among the official publications. As a writer, you are skilled in the content of the paper; we take care of the rest.

If you are a new graduate of a pharmacy program, there are opportunities for you to become involved in a development team as well. The official publications are designed to be used by a variety of persons with different levels of experience or knowledge. As a novice pharmacist, your involvement in the writing or reviewing of our official publications would ensure that the publication will be helpful to entry-level pharmacists.

4. What is the commitment?

Working with a development team requires a commitment to complete the required task within a reasonable timeframe. Communication between the development team members occurs through teleconference calls (arranged via CSHP national office) and email.

The amount time involved in the writing or reviewing an Official Publication will vary from project to project. In some instances, the work may take place over a period of a few months. Some will require a much longer time period.

5. Interested in joining a development team?

If you are interested in joining a development team, please send an email to Cathy Lyder to introduce yourself and describe the area of practice to which you are interested in contributing. (The P3SC strives to review all CHSP Official Publications on a regular basis, so there is always an opportunity to volunteer.)

Submit a proposal for a new or revised official publication

The P3SC reviews the list of official publications throughout the year and recommends to Board a plan for writing new official publications and reviewing existing Official Publications.

If you would like CSHP to develop a new Official Publication or revise an existing one, please write to and provide the following information in your proposal to help guide the P3SC in developing its plans:

  1. Nature of request (Revise existing official publication or write new official publication.)
  2. Urgency for the paper (Why is it needed?)
  3. For a new official publication:
    • Proposed title
    • Proposed type of official publication (Standard, guidelines, statement, or information paper.)
    • Intended audience
    • Objective and scope of the paper (The key message or intent of the paper, as well as how broad and deep the subject range.)
    • Proposed use of the paper
    • Expected influence on practice (How would the new or updated publication affect the quality of patient care? What should the reader be feeling/thinking/doing after having read the publication?)
  4. Indicate if you would volunteer to work on a development team should the P3SC decide to develop a new publication or revise an existing one.