Committees are formed to recommend programs and policies to the Board; they form the foundation of the Society and are generally ongoing or permanent. To respond to the changing needs of the profession, task forces are formed to deal with specific issues. Whereas committees are permanent, task forces are dissolved once their work is complete.

Advocacy Committee / Comité de valorisation

Senior Chair Ryan Itterman, Stratford, ON
Junior Chair Recruiting
Committee Members

Anca Cvaci, Vancouver, BC
Doug Doucette, Moncton, NB (Executive Liaison)
Nicole MacDonald, Philip's, NL
Mary Gunther, Edmonton, AB
Nicole Hager, Winnipeg, MB
Carole Goodine, Fredericton, NB
Lisa Nodwell, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Kirsten Sweet, Regina, SK
Laura Bowness, Summerside, PEI
Stephanie Hsieh, Vancouver, BC

Staff Liaison Anne Stacey Ottawa, ON (OB & Advocacy Executive Assistant)

Awards Committee / Comité des prix

Chair Sean Spina, Victoria, BC
Committee Members

Rene Breault, Edmonton, AB
Celia Culley, Victoria, BC
Sylvain Grenier, Ottawa, ON
Lauren Hutton, Halifax, NS
Janice Ma, Ottawa, ON
Jonathan Mailman, Regina, SK
Jaime McDonald, Halifax, NS
Rumi McGloin, Surrey, BC
Olivia Ng, Toronto, ON
Emily Yu, Edmonton, AB

Staff Liaison Robyn Rockwell (Membership & Awards Administrator)

Bylaws Committee / Comité des statuts et règlements

Chair Bruce Millin, Vancouver, BC
Committee Members

Patrick Fitch, Winnipeg, MB
Chris Judd, London, ON
Janice Munroe, Vancouver, BC
Doug Sellinger, Regina, SK

Staff Liaison Desarae Davidson (Director, Corporate Services)

Compounding Steering Committee

Senior Chair Trent Fookes, Owen Sound, ON
Committee Members

Stephen Black, Toronto, ON
Julie Greenall, Toronto, ON
Kathy Hunter, Winnipeg, MB
Kim McDougall, Calgary, AB
Bill Perks, Toronto, ON
Jennifer Turple, Halifax, NS

Educational Services Committee / Comité des services éducatifs

Chair Elaine Chong, Vancouver, BC
Past Chair Clarence Chant, Toronto, ON
Committee Members

Margaret Ackman, Edmonton, AB
Roxane Carr, Vancouver, BC
Judy Chong, Barrie, ON
Virginia Fernandes, Toronto, ON
Kelly Foster, Halifax, NS
Derek Jorgenson, Saskatoon, SK
Alfred Gin, Winnipeg, MB
Matthew Richler, Ottawa, ON
Erica Wang, Kelowna, BC
Carolyn MacKinnon - Halifax, NS
Tamara Matchett - Saint John, NB
Jennifer Chen - Toronto, ON
Sharan Lail, Toronto, ON
Jackson Stewart, Vancouver, BC

Staff Liaison Desarae Davidson Director, Corporate Services

Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy Program Steering Committee / Comité directeur du programme Excellence en pharmacie hospitalière

Chair Tania Mysak, President-elect and Vision Liaison
Committee Members

Zack Dumont, Regina, SK
Maria Moreno, Toronto, ON
Lisa Nodwell, Halifax, NS
Angie Hamson, Patient Experience Advisor
Maria Sherring, Pharmacy Technician Member
Ali Elbeddini, Winchester, ON
Karen Dahri, Richmond, BC
Christine Landry, Ottawa, ON

Staff Liaison Pamela Saunders (General Program Administrator)

Fellows (FCSHP) Recognition Committee / Comité de reconnaissance des Fellows de la SCPH

Chair Susan Bowles, Halifax, NS
Past Chair Denis Lebel, Montréal, QC
Committee Members

Régis Vaillancourt
Shirin Abadi, Vancouver, BC
Margaret Gray, Edmonton, AB
Alice Tseng, Toronto, ON

Ex-Officio Member Vacant
Staff Liaison Pamela Saunders (General Program Administrator)

Finance and Audit Committee / Comité des finances et de vérification

Chair Vacant
Committee Members

Danielle Mill, Charlottetown, PEI
Olavo Fernandes, Toronto, ON
Priscilla Gordon, Moncton, NB
Jody Ciufo, Ottawa, ON

Staff Liaison

Cathi Yabsley (Director of Finance)
Anna Dudek (Finance Administrator)

Harrison Hospital Pharmacy Management Seminar Planning Committee / Comité de planification du séminaire de gestion en pharmacie hospitalière Harrison

Chair Janice Munroe, Langley, BC
Committee Members

Bal Dhillon, Vancouver, BC
Priti Flanagan, Langley, BC
Carolyn Dittmar, Newmarket, ON
Richard Jones, Victoria, BC

Staff Liaison Desarae Davidson Director, Corporate Services

Membership Committee / Comité d'adhésion

Senior Chair
Junior Chair

Miranda So, Toronto, ON
Sannifer Hoi, Victoria, BC

Committee Members

Mayce Al-Sukhni, Toronto, ON
Carolee Awde, Peterborough, ON
Lisa Bishop, St. John’s, NL
Mallory Brown, Shediac Cape, NB
Alanna Doell, Winnipeg, MB
Natalie Hutt, Summerside, PE
Neil Jobanputra, Toronto, ON
Tessa Laureijs, Antigonish, NS
Nicole MacDonald, Burin, NL
Kathleen MacMillan, Halifax, NS (Student Delegate)
Olivia Ng, Toronto, ON
Donna Rahmatian, Vancouver, BC
Amanda Regier, Saskatoon, SK
Kristen Tangedal, Regina, SK
Andrew Veysey, Halifax, NS
Anil Vyas, Edmonton, AB

Staff Liaison Robyn Rockwell (Membership & Awards Administrator)

Nominating Committee / Comité des mises en candidature 

Chair Doug Doucette

Committee Members



Faith Louis (NB)
Arden Barry (BC)
Dawn Jennings (ON)
Margaret Gray (AB)
Patrick Fitch (MB)

Staff Liaison Rosemary Pantalone (Executive Assistant)

Pharmacy Practice Publications Steering Committee / Comité directeur des publications sur la pratique pharmaceutique

Chair Vacant
Committee Members

Karen Dahri, Vancouver, BC
Valentina Jelincic, Toronto, ON
Karen McDermaid, Moosomin, SK
Carmine Nieuwstraten, Hamilton, ON
Jerrold Perrott, Vancouver, BC
Wende Wood, Calgary, AB
Tana Yoon, Calgary, AB

Staff Liaison Amanda Iannaccio  (Publications Administrator)

Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSN) Coordinating Committee / Comité de coordination des réseaux de spécialistes en pharmacie

Chair (President Elect and Vision Liaison) Tania Mysak, Edmonton, AB
PSN Committee Chairs PSN Community

Andrew Wagner, Renfrew, ON
Gunther Ha, Hamilton, ON
Roxane Carr, Vancouver, BC
Joyce Chan, Toronto, ON
Celia Culley, Victoria, BC
Dini Engels, Ottawa, ON 
Jacqueline Myers, Regina, SK
Grazia Prochazk, Winnipeg, MB
Marjorie Friesen, Montreal, QC
Suzanne Len, Regina, SK
Theresa Hurley, Halifax, NS
Eric Romeril, Burlington, ON
Linda Methot, Kingston, ON
Janice Munroe, Coquitlam, BC
Robert T Pammett, Prince George, BC
Hilary Rowe, Vancouver, BC
Anna Lee, Toronto, ON
Jaris Swidrovich, Saskatoon, SK
Sally Tierney, Ottawa, ON
Liam Walsh, Saint John, NB
Heather Naylor, Saint John, NB
John Wiernikowski, Hamilton, ON
Virginia Fernandes & Mayce Al Sukhni, Toronto, ON
Amy Smith, Regina, SK
Beth Bradley, Charlottetown, PEI
Dana Lyons, Calgary, AB

Small Hospitals
Pharmacy Informatics
Drug Use Evaluation
Internal Medicine
Drug Information
Critical Care
Medication Safety
Primary Care (Joint PSN Community)
Maternal Fetal
Infectious Diseases
Indigenous Health
Palliative Care
Emergency Medicine
Global Health
Clinical Practice
Medication Distribution

CPhA, External Representative  

Staff Liaison

Desarae Davidson Director, Corporate Services

Research Committee / Comité de recherche 

Chair Lauren Bresee, Calgary, AB
Committee Members

Sean Gorman (Past-Chair), Kelowna, BC
Marisa Battistella (Vice-Chair), Toronto, ON
Theresa L. Charrois, Edmonton, AB
Colette Raymond, Winnipeg, MB
Michael Legal, Vancouver, BC
Stacey MacAulay, Moncton, NB
Holly Mansell, Saskatoon, SK
Julie Methot, Quebec, QC
Heather Neville, Halifax, NS
Nancy Sheehan, Anjou, QC
Winnie Seto, Toronto, ON
Stephanie Young, St. John’s NFLD

Corresponding Members

Kerry Wilbur, Vancouver, BC (CSHP Foundation Pharmacist Trustee)

Staff Liaison Desarae Davidson, Director, Corporate Services